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Looking for a medium-sized dog breed/ breed combo that is not too high strung?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) November 10th, 2013
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A Golden retriever or is that bigger than you want?

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Too big!

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Could post you a small, active terrier mix?

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I’ll see if he has any friends to recommend.

You might try looking for a Havanese or a Shih Tzu; Frodo is a mix of both but being a rescue dog, he has some issues. I had a cocker spaniel who was a dear but some of them are very jumpy.

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We were looking for a dog with similar characteristics and ended up with a pug. He is a good dog, not high strung at all, and hardly ever barks. Pugs are noisy little critters because of their smashed in faces. I love Dog Breed Info, they have all kinds of great information on breeds, and even a quiz you can take to see which breed would be the best fit.

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Pugs are great (our son has one named Otto), but they shed like a sonofabitch.

May I recommend a peek-a-poo (pekingese / poodle mix). They are kind of a Benji-looking dog. We had one in the 90s which was such a wonderful animal, we knew that when she died, we would never be able to own a pet again.

And we haven’t…..

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This site has a dog breed selector test as well as info on various breeds. You might find helpful. But I am not endorsing the food. It was a good brand once but they sold out and cheapened the product.

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Bulldogs are super laid back. I think that literally their only drawback is that they snore.

Lab mixes are my go-to. The lab in them makes them very attuned to their people, and the mix often helps them not be as neurotic as purebred labs.

Some pit bulls are very chill, you just have to walk them extremely religiously to get rid of their energy. They are pretty much the best dogs with kids.

My mom swears by her old college dog’s breed, the Australian Cattle Dog. They can be nippy around kids without training, though.

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I suggest a boxer!

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Do you still have that little dog you adopted a few months back or were you just considering that one? I remember you asked us for name recommendations.

I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is about the size of a small collie (she’s a little tall for her breed) and she is anything but highly strung. The most lovable, happy dog I have ever met.

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German Shepard puppy.

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Or a shelter dog… just bring the family and pick one out that makes friends with a family member.

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If you are looking to adopt, I’ve found that has a better range than the SPCA which has mainly pit bull mixes.

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I found these two and they’re not far.

Doggie one

Doggie two

I’d take them both if I could.

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@Mama_Cakes Both links came up as no longer listed.

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Perhaps the site is having issues? They were available an hour ago.

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They were from the same rescue. Look as though other pets from that rescue are no longer available, as well (all of a sudden). Issues with the site.

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I have a rescued Basenji mix at home and his name is Marshall. He’s a little above knee length with a lot of muscle, but is fairly light to hold. He’s very active, which can be a good or bad thing, but he loves his owner.

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They’re showing up now.

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@Mama_Cakes Yes, I see them both now. I have a preference for furry dogs so I would be more drawn to the Bichon but people have nice things to say about Pugs too. There were several Bichon Frises in my neighborhood at one point and they all were relatively mellow. Pugs supposedly like to clown around but that write-up says he is skittish around strangers so I would look into that more if I were considering him.

Of course, many of Frodo’s issues were not apparent until after we got him home.

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