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How could you display an antique accordian?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) November 13th, 2013
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As asked.

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You could nail a shelf to the wall and put it on that.

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How about a mannequin? It could be playing it. If you have a room that needs a focal point.

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In a glass case? I’m guessing you’d prefer to keep it open to show it off, but then it would get terribly dusty.

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I think it might be cool to expand it across a console table (maybe a cabinet or table from the same era).

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I’d get a couple of these wall-mounted hands and have the accordion arched between them.

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^Oh, I love that idea!!

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Thanks for your suggestions!

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Might be fun to prop it up against the pillow on the bed in the guest room with a shawl around it.

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