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Does anyone know if there is a way to put a 2nd phone number on a cell phone?

Asked by SnoopyGirl (852points) November 30th, 2013
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I need to give my ex my cell phone # to contact me regarding our children. I don’t really want him to have it because he has (in the past) spied on me with knowing my cell #. He illegally was getting reports of incoming & outgoing calls and texts. I unfortunately have a hard time trusting him now. I want to go the cheapest route….a 2nd phone # on my cell or a 2nd phone w/ little minutes & texting as possible. He has a cell phone he gave my kids to use to call him, which they never want to do. I would use this phone to contact him regarding stuff pertaining to our kids. He is now saying he wants to cancel the service and that I should provide him with my cell #. I was very blunt with him and told him I didn’t feel comfortable with that. Basically, the cheapskate is putting the cell phone issue in my hands now. Any suggestions would be great. I need to give him my thoughts by this Tuesday.

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How about using a Dual sim phone?

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I know nothing of electronics, but maybe you could have him contact you via an e-mail account dedicated only to his messages, and set your phone to let you know when it gets an incoming message from that account. If there’s a chance he could hack into your phone through an e-mail you respond to on your phone, you could answer via a tablet.

Or call your phone company and explain your problem to them. I bet they could give you some ideas.

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Start a Google Voice account – you will be assigned a GV phone number which is not your real phone number.

You can make calls through Google Voice and the callerID will be the GV number

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Google Voice – oops! @elbanditoroso beat me to it.
Have a gmail account and tie it to that. You can have calls forwarded to your cell phone and even set it up so you can make the caller ID come from the other number.

If you want to blow your ex’s mind you can get a number in another area code. Think carefully about your google voice number. You only have only one chance at the selection.
If your ex calls your number and leaves a message it will be automatically transcribed and sent to you via email as well the voice message. It might come in handy some time.

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@LuckyGuy is devious and smart. Go for the out of town area code.

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Yup, either Google voice or a dual sim cell phone, some ebay iphone knockoffs have dual sims

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I use Google Voice to give to store accounts and such; so add my vote to those above.

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You can send TXT messages out through Google Voice for free if you use an iPhone app or a browser on a computer

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All great ideas. Thanks. I’ll look into the Google voice. That seems to be what I’m looking for. I’ll let ya know how it goes.

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I wanted to let all of you know I chose to do the google voice phone number with my ex. Seems to have worked! Thanks for all your suggestions.

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