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Which is grammatically correct? Are or is?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) December 29th, 2013
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I’m not which whether to use “is” or “are” here. And what’s the rule? Thanks!

The size and cost of parts (are/is) dropping.

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The plural form “are” is correct here.

Since two things are dropping, both “size” and “cost”, then those things “are” dropping.

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Eliminate “of parts,” which is a modifier and try the simplified version; “The size and cost are dropping.”

However, I am not sure what “the size of parts is dropping” would mean. Those particular parts are being made in smaller sizes ?

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In English make sure verbs and subjects agree – singular subjects have singular verbs and plural subjects have plural verbs. Sentences with two subjects joined by and take a plural verb, even if each of the two subjects is singular.

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You could rephrase it. ‘Parts are getting smaller and cheaper” for example.

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The size of parts is dropping. (singular)
The and cost of parts are dropping. (plural)

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