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What would inspire you to sleep on a sidewalk?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (7294points) January 11th, 2014
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People wait in line for DAYS; to see a concert, to get in on a great sale, get a good spot on New Year’s Eve.
What event could inspire you to sleep on a sidewalk a couple of nights to be in line?
Have you ever?

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Kate Moss dressed in nothing more than concrete shoes. I’d lay my head right between them and stare at the stars.

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At first I thought this was about homeless people.

To sleep on a sidewalk for tickets or deals? I never have done it, and can’t imagine ever doing it. Never say never, but I think it is ridiculous to line up, there is nothing I want that bad. Especially if the item will be readily available ongoing, like a new Apple product or a Harry Potter book.

It would have to be a family member or friend I had not seen and might not see again soon, and the only way to see them would be to wait in line. For a person I would do it, for a thing, no.

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Never did it, can’t envision myself ever doing it.

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Not even Christ on stage lecturing to the crowds. I would watch him on TV.

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For a chance to have Mrs. Fields hand-feed me some of her delectable cookie — maybe.

That woman is a goddess.

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Nothing has inspired me to sleep on a sidewalk thus far (Well, maybe Jack, Johnny or Evan is I’d been seeking a little southern comfort), so it’s unlikely anything ever will.

If you don’t get that crap out of your system when you and your friends are young, dumb and full of…er…um…drugs your bones get too old for it later. It’s not that you can’t still do drugs and act stupid, but the 3 days on crutches after kinda take some of the ‘oopmh!’ out of the experience.

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Back in high school friends would go together on New Year’s Eve to get a good spot for the Rose Parade the next morning. That usually involved some snoozing at some point overnight.

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I already missed The Beatles.

So nothing.

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Nothing. When I was younger I did stay in line all night for a Led Zeppelin concert, nothing would motivate me to give up my beauty sleep these days. haha

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Never have and I suspect nothing would ever inspire me to.

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I would sleep on the sidewalk for the chance to see the inauguration of the first Independent party president.

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Well… Go Radio and Every Avenue both broke up. So probably Man Overboard.

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@Coloma OMG! How cool! What did you do when you had to GO? Did someone hold your spot, or did you use an empty cup, or what?

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^^^^ Hippie skirts make for easy and camouflaged peeing. lol

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You are beautiful AND clever, @Coloma. Thanks for sharing!

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All night, no, but I have happily stood in line for hours at a time for a Disneyland ride.

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^^^^^^ GAWD BLESS, so have I! I have visited both land and world. I did California as a teen, Florida was my later teens, when I finished boot camp. My date and I got a standing ovation from the crowd at one of the rides.

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The only thing I can think of that would inspire me to sleep on a sidewalk was if I was in a dry climate (hot in the daytime, cold at night), at night, no shelter, it was cold, then I would go to a sidewalk alee of the wind and take advantage of the banked warmth it could provide. Or maybe if I was starving and staying in line overnight was the only last legitimate way to get food or water.

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I worked at a theater when The Phantom Menace came out. Hundreds camped out for tickets. The first people showed up around three days before tickets went on sale. So many people started showing up and camping we had porta-potties brought in for them. I’m not into Star Wars but everyone there seemed to have a lot of fun hanging out for days with like-minded nerds. BBQ’s everywhere and people running around in costumes. It was like a party.

I wouldn’t line up for anything like that. Well, maybe if they were selling the last beer ever made.

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@johnpowell I am aware of such events occuring,but I was starting to wonder if any jellies here had ever even been near one. Thanks for contributing your experience as an observer.
I have waited in crowds for black friday, good July 4th positioning, and such, but I can’t imagine an overnight stay for such things. I would get to jonesn4burgers and have to leave for a value meal!

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You’re Keanu Reeves?

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If it will further His Kingdom, I would, nothing here on earth is hardly worth that. If I lost my home and had to, that is a different story.

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If I was a kid (young adult) I would think it would be a Great Adventure and tons of fun. Not today though, boy!

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Gotta read the details @talljasperman.

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@Dutchess_III O.k. I waited in line at a job fair from 5am to 1 pm outside when I was 12… and I didn’t get a job.

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@talljasperman, that’s a shame. What sort of job?

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@Jonesn4burgers Clean up crew for Klondike days circus . It would have paid $12 – $15 an hour in 1992.

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KOOL! I so would have been with you. Too bad you missed out on such an opportunity.

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@Jonesn4burgers I would SO hire you as clean-up crew at a circus!

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