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How do you get used to new skates?

Asked by kimchi (1440points) January 14th, 2014
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I’ve taken a break from skating, I just haven’t had the time to go anymore. Anyways, I’m a size 8 in normal shoe size, but my skates are size 8 and they’re hard to get into. So I was thinking of buying new skates and the last time I bought new ones, they were so hard to get used to! I couldn’t break, skate steadily, do spins, etc. I don’t want that to happen again. I need to get used to them quickly so I can get started on private lessons. Or I wonder if the skate shops could stretch the skates out for you….

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Three points of advice:

1. Your size in regular shoes does not always correspond in ice skates. If you’ve purchased really inexpensive (“entry level” or recreational skates) they should match your shoe size; if you’re purchasing competition quality figure skates (usually more expensive) it will likely be a different number. I wear an 8 or 8.5 shoe size, my ice skates are a 6. More good advice on finding a good fit here

2. The most important thing is that your skates fit your heel & ankle properly. This is all about preventing ankle injuries! Check the fit with tips, like these

3. If you want to break them in (and no, I’ve never heard of skate shops doing this) there are a couple of options:
a. Buy them used from a store that sells second-hand or consignment sporting equipment like “Play it Again”. If you buy them used you can usually find a pair already “broken in” and might be able to get a better pair (nicer leather) than you could afford new.
b. Put guards on the blades and walk around your house for about a half hour every evening. You can break them in wearing them for short stints and walking around a bit—but you’ll need blade guards.

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put them in the closet and never use them again.. you be amazed how good they will feel.. it would be like not wearing them at all.. and you’re welcome!

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