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Who wants to play the kitten game?

Asked by DWW25921 (6498points) January 19th, 2014
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It’s simple. Just answer how a cat or kitten responds to ordinary questions, statements or gestures! (Seemed like a good idea.)


Is the glass half empty or full? The kitten attacks the glass!

I get up from my chair. The kitten runs across the floor at top speed!

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Walk in the front door saying hello in a loud voice.

Cat opens half an eyelid, twitches tail end once, goes back to sleep.

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I dress for the date of a lifetime.
Kitten finds the lace on my hem its most thrilling toy….. ever!

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I open the dryer to let out my clean clothes, turn my back for a second…

Oh boy, clean clothes are made of warm!

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When a cat lays or sits down with their back turned to you, does it mean they’re pissed off at you, or just being moody?

No, they are showing you a sign that you are in control, and they give their trust to you. Learned this while looking out for a friend’s cat for two months this Summer, who was extremely aggressive, enough that I was scared of her. Couldn’t even walk by her without her going mad. I did my best, and eventually she’d come near me, and I got a bit scared, and was wary. She did that gesture, did my homework and this is what I learned.

I’ve had lots of cats but they were all raised as kittens, before this, I never took care of an adult cat that was raised by someone else…it was hell at first. That cat was so MEAN and AFRAID. Took some work, but eventually she loved me so much it got annoying. LOL.

At first, when she stopped hiding for days, she’d hiss at me. But never did anything else. It was when I learned that a cat does not hiss every time it’s getting ready to kick your ass; these are either warnings, or sings of annoyance or unhappiness. Cats that seriously wish to attack are very silent, and your last warning is something that sounds like a gurgling growl; that’s if they decide to GIVE you a warning. (complete with the ears drawn back, also learned that when a cat hisses at you and places themselves side ways, it means they’re trying to look bigger and more impressive than they are; you’re not in the red zone at this point, yet)
She did that gurgle growl to me on the third or fourth day, and I fucked off, probably a good thing. My two other cats weren’t bothered by her, and she didn’t bother them much. (had to keep an eye on one of mine though, because he wouldn’t stop eating her food the minute the coast was clear) Probably felt pretty shitty about not being in her part of the hood, her own territory, so to speak. She eventually got along with me, as I say, she was on me CONSTANTLY. Would always lay on me waiting for me to pet her, she’d sleep with me all night, I couldn’t even go take a piss without her meowing like mad at the bathroom door.
But with my other cats, it was always a bit…fuzzy.

sorry, I ruined the game

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I come by your house for tea. Cat, realizing I am terribly allergic to his kind, immediately jumps in my lap and rubs himself in my face.

30-minutes later, I’m in the ER — but the tea was delicious.

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I clean out my cat’s litter box. He immediately uses it.

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I accidentally jiggle the cat ‘fishing pole’ toy, making the bell jingle ever so softly… my cats appear out of nowhere!

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@Pachy I know right? They could at least wait a bit…

@Symbeline Good times! Ha! Thanks for the story!

@cookieman Oh dear… Better stick with the cookies.

@ccrow mine go ballistic over the laser pointer. :)

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Have to twist my pony tail holders so tight on my hair at bedtime I risk baldness so cat does not rip and claw them out and leave them in his food dish when done playing with them.

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I bring your cat a toy and I’m the only one that cares to play with it.

I set my paper bag on the floor and your cat is in it before I’ve straightened my back.

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@Coloma I have to wear a wool hat when I sit in my lounge chair because one of the kittens likes to attack my head.

@ibstubro Mine love the dryer and the computer… Anything warm…

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Buy a toy mouse. Plays for 30 seconds.
Drop a scrap of paper. Plays for fifteen minutes.

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@DWW25921: It’s a shame. My nephew, father of my three grand-nieces, just got a cat.

My wife, daughter, and I were there almost weekly. Hang out for the afternoon, babysit the girls. I love those kids.

Now, with el gatto on the premises, I can’t go there anymore. I gave it a shot over Christmas. I was there 45 minutes and couldn’t breath.

Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

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Here’s my 17 lb. monster cat ” Myles” in my avatar.
The pony tail ripper looking innocent. lol

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^^ That’s a lot of cat.

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@dxs Seriously! Don’t even get me started on boxes… What’s that all about?

@cookieman They can be fun. There always seems to be consequences abounding with fun though…

@Coloma Great kitty batman! Does kitty have it’s own zip code? WOW!!!

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@DWW25921 Haha…he is a monster, hence his nick name “Monster Man.” lol
He is huge, and about 3 feet long all stretched out. Big boned but not overweight. I am sandwiched between him and his 8lb. Siamese sister every night, he is dead weight and will not move. haha

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@Coloma My 3 are small as far as cats go. There’s momma cat which is a smaller midsized cat and the 2 kittens are a little smaller than she is. They’re growing fast though!

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Cats are nuts, but ya gotta love ‘em. Way more fun and less intrusive than dogs. haha
Dogs are so needy, gah…get out of my face! lol

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Where’s Milo?

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My Milo loves string the best. He’s such a good cat, though. But very timid.

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I just uploaded my cats. Took some pictures today. I always have a cat link handy! LOL (I really did.)

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Aww they look so young! Makes me miss my cat. I like the one with the pink mouth.

dxs (15160points)“Great Answer” (1points)
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They’re very young. I don’t think momma’s more than 2 or 3. The kittens were born the end of last summer.

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Pee in the litterbox.

Poop just outside of the litterbox.

One time I surprised you and pooped in it and then you surprised me by shouting you were throwing me a ‘pooping party’ which embarrassed me and so then I payed you back the next time and left you a nugget just slightly farther from the box. SURPRISE!!

You buy a new comforter I hack on it.

You by a new pillow I sleep on it too, give me a break I’m 18!

You buy new hair gel, I eat your hair.

What body lotion is this?

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Family is in the garage. Daddy tells daughter to pick up kitty. She does, just as a big dog walks by. Daughter is shredded.

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that was evil

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I put up brand new floor lenght drapes.
Yup! Kitty finds the ceiling.

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I bought black velour armless asian chairs and my siamese cat covered them in her cream colored bunny fur.
Never buy black chairs with a white cat and never buy a white rug with a black cat. lol

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Friend arrives with Fish and Chips for lunch.
Cat rubs up against her ankles and then jumps on her lap.

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Walk over to see cat. Cat runs away.
Close a door. Cat meows to you from the other side of the door.

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See cats eyes expand and pupils dilate when hears treat jar shaking.
<———— Like this.

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All you have to do is open a can… of anything… The open floodgates will be upon you!

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I know you think I am a great fisherman, considering that odd
toy you bought me that looks like a fishing pole with a fake mouse attached to it, throw it at me all you want, I won’t have it, I want a real mouse!

What is this! Stop being such a vegan.

And buy me all the ‘fish’ pate you want vegan I’m not eating it and I’ll starve myself to prove the point.

No holistic crap I will pick out the veggies. I want beef and chicken so stop imposing your morals on me.

Here I am! I want what I want, now do it for me!


And I just walked on your keyboard. :-D lol

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My last cat was 20+ pounds, and had long fur to boot. My friend Marnie would step in my house and exclaim, “That’s not a cat, that’s a coon! @Coloma etc.

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That’s my Myles, 6 inches of fur covering a 17 lb. body.
When he comes in the house he has oak leaves and pine needles all over his body. The leaves work themselves deep into his fur. I can’t wait for his summer shave the kitty moment around May. lol

In the meantime he gets vigorous brushings with 2 different brushes at least every other night.. haha
The funny thing is for as much fur as he has, he does not shed even ½ as much as my short haired little siamese.

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Myles is the second “fat cat” in 30 something years. All the others have been average size. My first was “Groucho”, a huge short haired gray and white guy. He did pull ups on the pull out wooden cutting board for a “TUNA!”

It was hilarious, he would slowly pull himself up and hang from the cutting board. He was bulimic because he wolfed down his food and then throw up. For freaking years as soon as you heard the unmistakable heaving sounds from another room, we, ( whole family haha ) would run with some barf catching item, whatever was around. TV guides, magazines, napkins.

Champion barf catcher I was there for some years. lolol

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^^Yet he was still fat? What a cat.
I didn’t mean to rhyme. It just came out like that…

dxs (15160points)“Great Answer” (2points)
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My kitty never went out. I stopped having him shaved because they ‘put him out’ to do it, and the final time he was days coming out of it. I figured one more shave and he would be dead.

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@ibstubro Yes, some can;t handle it, my guy is so mellow, I hold him and he gets his shave in about 15 minutes. Then you can just tell how good he feels, and he is fascinated by his little whip tail for days after shaving off the plume of his broom. lol

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Mine was the mellowest cat I ever owned. I probably should have just found him a different groomer, but the one I used was at his vet. I’m intensely loyal.

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