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Where would YOU rather go on vacation?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15722points) February 5th, 2014
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Part 2 to this question.

We’ve decided on a time of year: October-ish.
We also decided on a budget: $2000.

We’ve narrowed it down to two options:

Option 1: Orlando, FL
– $2000 for a five day stay, including gas and food
– We’d be staying at the Hilton on International Drive, very close to the attractions we’d be going to
– We’d spend a day at Discovery Cove, including a swim with the dolphins.
– We’d get unlimited visits to SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Busch Gardens in Tampa during our stay.
– Potential downside: We did all this (minus Busch Gardens and Aquatica) two years ago for our honeymoon. We did really enjoy it, though.

Option 2: Carnival Cruise
– $1700 for the ocean-view suite and cruise fees, plus any alcoholic beverages, money spent at the stops, and tips
– 5-day Bahama cruise leaving from Charleston, about an hour and a half from where we live
– Neither of us has ever been on a cruise before

I’m leaning toward Orlando because I know it was fun the first time, but it wouldn’t hurt to do something I’ve never done before. I’m concerned that I’ll be bored with the cruise, as we’re not into gambling or getting drunk every night, and we don’t have kids. We’re not really looking for a quiet, relaxing vacation; we want to have fun.

So, where would you rather go? Pros and cons of each?

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Option 3: Italy. I’ve been twice. Hope to retire there someday.

However, of your two choices, Orlando sounds best.

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I’m leaning towards the cruise. Lots of my girlfriends with money say it’s really fun and if you splurge on a big room, it’s even better. Since you don’t have kids yet, you may want to check into more adult options though.
Plus you can reenact all the good scenes from Titanic with hubs, just take a blow-up

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Check out the latest GI catastrophic outbreak on a Carnival Line Cruise.

“On the latest case, almost 600 people on a 10-day Royal Caribbean International cruise voyage—about a fifth of the passengers—fell sick with suspected norovirus while sailing in the Caribbean.” Late January 2014.

Nothing would ever get me on a cruise ship.

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I say try something new. Go for the cruise. It sounds like fun, and you get to see new places.
If you pick Option #1, then I say when you’re in the Tampa area, check out Plant Hall. It’s such a beautiful, historic building. My favorite part is that I have classes in it.

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@cookieman “Option 3: Italy. I’ve been twice. Hope to retire there someday.”

If only we all had that much money to spend on a vacation.

@KNOWITALL Since I’m sure we’ll easily spend that “extra” $300 on and off the ship, we can’t afford a bigger room.

“you may want to check into more adult options though”

More adult than what? A cruise or Orlando? Nah, we’re basically kids ourselves. We tried an “adult” vacation in the mountains last year – so. incredibly. boring. Never again.

@gailcalled Yikes!

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@livelaughlove21 Some cruises offer kids-free activities, dining, etc..

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Cruise! Just keep your life boat with you at all times, seeing as how it’s Carnival Cruises.

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I’d rather go to Orlando than take a cruise. I hated being cooped up on the boat. Plus, I get motion sickness. I had someone tell me that you don’t get motion sick on big cruise ships. They were wrong! I’ll never forget it.

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Cruises can be fun but NOT Carnival. It’s the cheapest and dirtiest. If you are hard core party people who will be to drunk yourself to notice vomit in the elevator by all means go for it but if you want an elegant relaxing vacation steer clear of Carnival.

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Well, I have no interest in going to Orlando. Whenever I think of it, or Tampa, I think “Boring”. But that is just me, my wife would love it.
As for the cruise, I would and have done it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would NEVER go on a
Carnival Cruise, however. We have done several on RC and, Norovirus not withstanding, have always been pleased with the service, ports, ships and food. I don’t get drunk every night and gamble very little but I get to see different places and have a very relaxing vacation.

If it is fun you are looking for, and an adrenalin rush, why don’t you look into running the Grand Canyon?

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@rojo Exercise in vacation? Ha! That’s funny.

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No work, they do all the work including food prep. and cleanup.

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@rojo At the Grand Canyon? I’m referring to your suggestion to run the Grand Canyon.

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Go is a five star all inclusive on the Riviera Maya in Puerto Morelos Mexico about a hour south of Cancun airport. it has eleven restaurants with three of them requiring reservations. they have free Hobie cat catamarans that we used every day. they have four swimming pools and the staff is extremely friendly. almost every room has a view of the Caribbean sea. we met many Americans and several Brits and all of the guests that I met were very nice.

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^^ huh?

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Yep, and Here is where you get started.

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@rojo Too outdoorsy for me. I don’t “rough it.”

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Understood. Different strokes.

I would consider using a tour group to take me through the canyon being in the lap of luxury.

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Not crazy about either. But if you mean I have to help you choose between the two, I suppose I would take the cruise. There are opportunities to meet new people and make new friends that you will not get with the other option.

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I would go on a staycation and order out or dine in every day.

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I would go with option one. I’ve been on a lot of cruises and you might be disappointed with that particular cruise line. The food is so so, a crowded ship, and everything except the basic meals are extra. You would be surprises at how it adds up.

If you really want the cruise try another cruise line. Holland America, Royal Caribbean or Celebrity are better cruise lines. Either way be aware that the extras add up to a lot on cruises. Figure every drink is at least five dollars. Even Beer.

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Orlando it is.

We have no interest in getting drunk, gambling, or making friends. We’d rather ride rides, swim with dolphins, and eat at restaurants we know we’ll like.

Thanks all!

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@livelaughlove21 good choice. have fun.

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I would like to go to Venice, Italy.

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@AshLeigh Not for $2000.

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Let us know how it goes!

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@livelaughlove21, was there a price limit? I didn’t actually read the details, sorry.

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Yes, it’s right at the top. It was also a toss up between only two vacations. Italy was not an option.

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Oops. I just answered the title questions. Hah

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With the recent wave of Noro virus outbreaks on cruise liners I would not want to gamble my only vaca time on getting sick. I was at Busch Gardens a year ago and the safari train ride is worth the price of admission and the roller coaster rides absolutely kick ass! Plus the Bar-b-que lunch restaurant is really really good! They smoke it from the night before and you can smell it all through the park! YUM

I have to add the gardens are so pretty and wonderful to walk around and look at.

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Me? I would go to Disneyland.

Of your choices, I might pick the cruise, but I hear to expect to pay double due to excursions and bar fees. Plus, Carnival are usually full of beer drunk kids.

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@Cruiser a lot depends on your personal habits and the time of year. I think we hear about these outbreaks every spring.
It is, I believe, an fecal/oral transmission thing so keep your hands off the handrails in the commons area, open doors carefully, wash often, use the sanitizers frequently and keep your own hands out of your mouth and the chances of catching anything are greatly reduced. Pretty much common sense stuff.

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