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Is this the proper use of the word "cowardice"?

Asked by creepypastagirl (236points) March 4th, 2014
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”... than that of an ignorant, disrespectful, closed-minded, cowardice adult.”

Is the word “cowardice” used in proper context?
(This isn’t for homework, I’m having a run-in with a rude anon on Tumblr)
If it isn’t the correct context, what form of the word could I replace it with?

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“Cowardice” is a noun. “His unwillingness to help the wounded was an act of cowardice.”

The adjective is “cowardly. “He behaved in a cowardly manner.”

”...than that of an ignorant, disrespectful, closed-mindeded, cowardly man.”

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@gailcalled Thank you very much!

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Happy to oblige.

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