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What do you like about your Orange amp compared to amps you've owned in the past?

Asked by pleiades (6617points) March 11th, 2014
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As asked!

Also what pedals do you use?

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I don’t own an Orange…have Fender gear but I did get to play through the Thunderverb 50 with a 4×12 bottom and it had a killer sound the rivaled Marshall half stacks I have played through.

I have the DigiTech RP500 Guitar Multi-Effects that has pretty much replaced all the old Boss pedals I have. Nothing will replace my Cry Baby!

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I don’t own one but Jimmy Page is using them so I imagine that they are great amplifiers.

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I don’t play shows anymore but I actually moved away from tube amps to get the solid-state sparklingly clear cleans. I use a Pod HD 500 for my pedals now. I used to build my effects pedals so they were all unique. The pod just makes everything too easy. The only thing that tops it would be the axe-fx.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Oh man I owned a Fender London Reverb and it was pure shimmery!

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