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Can I take this opportunity to say Hi?

Asked by MilkyWay (13745points) March 12th, 2014
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Praying this question gets through
Haven’t been active on this site for quite a while, and now that I’ve logged back in I’ve realised how much I miss this place, and all the lovely people I know on here <3
I wanted to take an opportunity to say Hi to everyone here who remembers me, and introduce myself to any new members of the Fluther family :)
Feels good to be back, and I hope to be more active on this site from now on! :D
Now fill me in, what have I missed?? :O

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dxs (15160points)“Great Answer” (1points)
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Welcome back! I’m still here, but I’m on again, off again atm. Auggie has taken a real job, and has stepped down I’ll PM you with other news.

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Hi there! Good to see you.

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Hi :)

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Whoa.. I remember you. Awesome to have you back.

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Yay! Welcome back to the collective! It’s nice when a prodigal jelly returns.

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Welcome and great to see you back, queenie! ;-)

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You can say what you want, but you’re gonna be sent to Coventry :)

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Haha, thanks you guys! :D
@ucme Smoothly done Mister :P

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Good to meet you. I gave you a GQ and it added 3 points so we obviously have not been on here at the same time. The only thing better than a new Jelly is fresh old Jelly!

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As always m’dear, as always.

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@ibstubro Nice to meet you too! :)
@ucme Careful, I might just come and drag you back with me ;)

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#jailbait #oncebitten #ricoharena

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Howdy !!!

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Many Happy Returns!

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@MilkyWay I was wondering the same thing and great to see another familiar face.

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News for you: I’ve just come here for a years. I’m new here, but so far I’m quite active.

Nice to meet you, and hope you’ll be active too :)

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Welcome back, how was the Milky Way’s latest orbit?

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Hello again ! ! !

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Your name and avatar look mighty familiar but I don’t think we’ve met officially. Hi Milky Way : ^)

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Hello you.

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Greetings from all over!

Guten Tag

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Glad to see you back here, been quite a while. And now that you’re here, I’m gonna harass you. You know that, right?
Welcome back. :)

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@Bluefreedom Don’t forget 初めまして (ha-zi-me-ma-shi-te) ;p

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Welcome back. Hope you’re well!

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Welcome home. I look forward to learning about you!

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Welcome back, nice to meet you. You sound delicious!

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She is. :D

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Hiya. I remember you. I’ve been away for a while too And can confirm it’s nice to be back x

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Welcome back @MilkyWay

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Welcome back!

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Hey, hi! Hope you stay.

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Hi there, girlie! Hope life has been treating you well!

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Hi there! So glad to have you back. In your honor I made some Kheer

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Haha, it feels so good to be back :D
I remember most of you, and mighty big hug to everyone I don’t know yet, look forward to getting to know you :)
@Kardamom Thank you darling! Its one of my faves haha ;)
@Adagio I remember holding a conversation with you once, nice to see you again :)
@Symbeline Hell yeah sister!! Lets have a pillow fight! You can harass me all ya want ;)
@zenvelo It was very eventful xD

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@MilkyWay oops, you have a better memory than me, embarrassing : ^)

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I’ve never said Hi to a galaxy before.

Hi Milky Way.

What’s with the spinning around all the time? Aren’t you getting dizzy?

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@NanoNano I think you need a Hi thread too, judging by the time you first joined and your lurves :)

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What’s a “lurve”?

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Lurve is the points you get when people give you a great answer ot question. Right now, you’ve got 678 of it.

Also sometimes referred to as larvae, usually just be my. lawlz

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So do I have a lot of lurves or not? LOL weird.

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Not very much, no. :p But it will come fast enough. :) Here’s some from me. Keep in mind, we also have a limited amount of lurve we can give to members. Don’t know how much, but eventually if I give you enough, you’ll still GA from me, but the score will stop adding up in your points.

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You lost me…but thanks!

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Well, here you go. Larvae as explained by Fluther. :)

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Interesting and weird all at the same time.

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@NanoNano Seems to me that most of us could care less, it’s not like you really get anything but useless ‘awards’, but to some ‘accolades from their peers’ may count for something.

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Yeah, I always thought it would be cool if the whole lurve thing was abolished. wondering how many people we would lose if that happened haha

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@Symbeline Just the attention ho’s….lol

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Yep, get rid of the whole scoring shit.

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Scoring Shit, sounds like an idea for a gameshow.
“Contestant number one, smell it, poke it, hell…you can taste it if you want. Now, rate that turd!”

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And for our big finale, THE LOG OF DOOM!

ucme's avatar

Whoo hoo, that sucker never touched the sides!!

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Possible names for the game show:

The Biggest Loo, Sir
Turd Dynasty
Family Fumes
Hell’s Shittin’

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@picante Family Fumes BAHAHAHAHAHA

ucme's avatar

The Weakest Stink
Who Wants to Crap a Mouldy Pear
The Slice is Shite
Whose Pile is it Anyway

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Man, this thread ended up in the toilet fast.

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I’ve lurved everyone who mentioned about toilets!

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I appreciate that @Mimishu1995 and back at ya!

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