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What are the technicians doing all that time?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44405points) March 13th, 2014
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Online with Geeks on Site for the second time. I can’t help but notice long lags between actions. They were downloading Adobe Flash player. Half way through the download a message popped up, said Firefox needed to be closed to continue. It was a good 20 minutes before the tech addressed that and the cursor never moved in all of that time.
That’s just one example.
What are they doing all of that time?

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Responding to a question on Fluther.

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Thanks for asking me, but this geek isn’t geeky enough to know what site you were on when this happened. I’ve never used so I haven’t a clue what its technical staff is doing.

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Probably researching the problem via the internet.

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Some updates/installs can take a while, so they’re probably not devoting their full attention to your computer. Started an install/update on your computer, then went off to work on something else (or play solitaire). When they finally checked back in, the message was waiting. So they dealt with that and have now gone back to some other problem.

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Dealing with more than one call at a time.
They saw your problem would take a while to download, so they put you on the back burner, knowing there would be nothing to see for ½ hour. Oops.

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As the resident computer fixer for my family I can confirm. My mom always feels bad since I say it will take around six hours. Then I have to explain that only five minutes of that will be actually doing something. The rest is spent playing Mario Kart while waiting for things to finish.

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:D How much do you charge for that??!!

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Me? We have a good system. My mom drops off her computer at my apartment. I load up every single thing made of cloth I have in her car. She gets the computer when I get the laundry. I actually get the better end of the deal.

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They’re high-fiving each other for programming your computer to crash at exactly 12 months, and booking reservations for this years “Employee Bonus Cruise”.

I use Firefox and it is now locked into a smaller font that before, and is immune to changing the font on the rest of my PC.

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We multitask. Whether it’s dealing with multiple systems at once, or just getting in a battle in our online shooter of choice, we’re doing something in addition to whatever else we’re doing.

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I figgered as much @jerv. But for people waiting for something to happen it’s a bitch!

@ibstubro They re-installed my Firefox…..

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“I use Firefox and it is now locked into a smaller font that before….”

Have you tried Ctrl+0 to reset your font size?

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Helping someone else…?

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THANK YOU @Brian1946!

That worked! Praise Lalla! Thank Gourd! Tis healed!

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Cool Brian!

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Multi-tasking. poorly. Pure and simple.

Possibly playing halo

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