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What's the most effective way to get more page views on my blog?

Asked by twothecat (394points) March 17th, 2014
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I am trying to build my writer’s platform and I have a blog that I’m trying to draw attention to. Who has had experience and success with this endeavour, and what did you find worked best to build your readership?

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Some of my co-workers have popular blogs, and it seems the most important part is marketing yourself and the blog, along with a broad range of appeal to mass of society.

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Yes marketing myself is definitely not my strong suit.

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@twothecat lol, that’s the easy part, just use all social media sites and brag on yourself, get your friends to do the same. Sites like this one, you can use your address in a picture, like your fb cover photo, etc…

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I used to blog regularly and found that the most effective way was to read a lot of other blogs and leave comments (intelligent ones) on them all. Get a relationship going with other bloggers then they, and the people who read them, will be more interested in reading yours too.

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@downtide – Yeah that sounds like a good idea… time consuming, but good.

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Study the work of Copyblogger.

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Try to start spreading the word, be active and interact with other bloggers, leave comments (but good ones) and ask question, people would be also interested who you are and start coming to your blog

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