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Does anyone know a good website or agency for vacation rentals in Florida?

Asked by mollykm (126points) July 1st, 2008
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I can point you to some, but many of them are destination-centric. Where are you going? Do you have a city or a region in mind?

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I might be able to suggest a few things if I knew a little more about where you what to go also. What type of things do you want to see? Are you interested in beach activities only? Looking for a vacation home/condo or more like a resort?

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I’m looking for a beach front or walking distance to beach house or cottage for a week rental for my boss. He’s looking for something close to Boynton Beach, so if we can’t find Boynton beach he’s happy with Delray Beach or Highland Beach. Basically anything in that area!

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This one is all by individual owner, but they do have rules, etc. and are members.

I like this one because it has pictures.

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Here’s one in Del Ray. It’s a condo And here is a nice cottage

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@molly: having grown up near that area, try to find him something in Delray Beach. It is beautiful and the downtown area is very cool.

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