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Why is my dvd drive not showing up?

Asked by victord66 (201points) March 21st, 2014
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I’m using windows 7 and when I open windows explorer, my dvd drive does not show up. If I insert a disc in the drive it does show up. How can I have it show up all the time? I don’t want that drive letter being used for thumb drives I insert.

I have been to the section – Tools – Folder Options – View and have unchecked the box that says “Hide empty drives in the Computer folder”.

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Not sure, but why does it matter if that drive letter is used up? I don’t see how it’s a big deal.

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It is important because I have backup tasks that use a thumb drive and when I insert the thumb drive, sometimes it picks up the drive letter from the dvd drive. I don’t always check this. Later when I’m not in the office, the backup tasks starts, looks for a different drive letter, can’t find it and then I see an error message. I would like the dvd drive to show constantly so that drive letter is always being used.

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Thanks, but you’ve missed my point. The dvd drive is functioning just fine, but only when I insert a disc, otherwise it is not listed in windows explorer.

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I’m sure there is a proper solution to this but until that is found why not just keep a blank CD in the drive?

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