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How do I pass this test?

Asked by Cruiser (40434points) March 31st, 2014
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This question in my Recommended folder called Test has been in Davey Jones locker since it was asked. I click it and see Neptune and it just won’t go away. Is this a glitch??? Or it this part of the test.

Testing 1,2,3…..

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I may be wrong, but the servers seem to have been down for a couple of minutes. At least, that’s what my computer said. I’d guess someone (some mod?) was testing the system…?

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I think PhiNotPi is proctoring the exam, the test results will be released tomorrow. ~ ~ ~ ~

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Seriously, you guys never miss a thing!

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You’ll notice that it is not in ANY tab for browsing.

^:^ heeere ‘s @PhiNotPi

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Now you’ve done it @Cruiser, we lost Neptune too!

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@Tropical_Willie It was a simple fix that only took me 7 hour to figure out. All I had to do was click stop following the Q…doh!

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Yo ho, yoo hooo, ta Davey Jone’s locker ya go!

Also I denno.

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CRAP!! Its baaaaack!

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I’m holding you @Cruiser PERSONALLY responsible.

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Yep, failed that one too.

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