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Are there any jellies who have got all Fluther awards?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20193points) May 22nd, 2014
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Just asking :p

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Not me. I refuse to link to facebook so I never will.

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Perhaps, but the jelly with the most that I know is marinelife, who has 45 of the 49 total awards.

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No user has all of the awards.

Some of the awards have actually become broken over time, preventing users from earning them.

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Awesome didn’t know marinelife had that many.

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Same answer as @Judi.

I wish that award was removed.

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Only 3 jellies have the Poseidon award. Marinelife and gailcalled are two of them, and neither has all the awards. I can’t recall the third.

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Not me. The one I got that I’m most tickled with is the Cake in the Frizzer award.

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I was obsessed with the perfecto fish everyone kept talking about it… I never did… And I had gotten a lot of awards early on. I would try and write the perfect post or question…. Etcetc… When I finally got it I promptly forgot about all the other awards… And since then I am fairly certain I haven’t won a new award.

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Auggie has 46 awards.

Wundayatta was the first one to get the Poseidon award, followed by marinelife and then gailcalled.

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@Unbroken The perfecto fish award states We’d tell you, but our standards are impossibly high.

What is it you have to do to get it? for some reason I have gotten it 7 times.

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@Dan_Lyons I think the rules are the mods will tell you when you ask after they have confirmed you received it.

I miss Wundy. He was blustery because he never got the perfecto fish either. Or at least at that point in time hadn’t

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@Dan_Lyons We aren’t allowed to discuss the secret awards openly, but I’ll pm you.

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Wunday was gaming the system to get lurve so none of his awards can be really be counted as truly won.

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Response moderated
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[Mod says] Please don’t publicly reveal how to earn the secret awards. It’s more fun when it’s secret. You can, however, tell each other through PMs.

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@janbb what do you mean he was gaming the system?

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PMing you.

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PM me as well

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Me too! Me too! PM me too!

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I thought everyone knew about this when it went down.

I’ll post it here and a mod can remove it if it is deemed inappropriate.

He created false accounts and then gave himself lurve and that’s one reason he was so high. I don’t know all the details but it was eventually discovered and he was banned.

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Then I got high, then I got high, then I got high…..

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@janbb So all that 50k party of him I saw earlier… went to waste?

So disappointed

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No party ever goes to waste!...

I was informed recently that the “Circumnavigator” award is broken.

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