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A place/country that suffers from negative aspects of tourism?

Asked by kiki__ (99points) May 26th, 2014
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Question is standing above :-) do you know one?

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North Korea comes to mind.

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@gailcalled what problems do they have?

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Mt Everest (and the whole Himalayan range) suffers from the number of tourists.

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Native Americans may have an opinion on that.

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I saw both positive and negative when I was in Belize. On one hand it brought in a lot of money to the country, on the other in order to make accommodations and larger hotels and such like Americans want, large foreign(often American) companies destroy a lot of natural habitat or in some case ruins that are thousands of years old.

There is a cave in Belize known as Actun Tunichil Muknal. It goes about 3 miles deep through winding passages and tight areas, sometimes you need to swim under rocks to get to the next area of the cave. Once you get to the back there are some bodies that were sacraficed thousands of years ago and because of the ecosystem of the cave they have calcified and give a crystalline appearance. . While I was down there a tourist dropped his camera directly onto the skull of one of these bodies, shattering the thousand year old skull. From that point on cameras were not allowed in the cave but honestly I believe the whole thing should just be shut to the public.

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Thailand is supposed to be the vacation spot for child abusers

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I think they all do.

Tourists, as a rule, are much more concerned with their personal enjoyment than with the wellbeing of their destination. Just look at any publicly-accessible mosaic in any major tourist city. As high as people can reach, tiles will be missing. “Oh, it won’t hurt if I just take one. Look how many other people have done it!” and piece by piece a 2000 year old artwork disappears.

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In my city they clog the lakefront bike path with Segways and four-person pedal cars, or simply cluelessly walking four abreast in the wrong lane.

They create long lines at museums and elsewhere (seriously, check out the line for this hotdog shop).

On the other hand they spend many $ billions so it’s totally worth the inconvenience.

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Almost every country in Africa comes to mind. South Africa is on top as one of the worst countries in the world. It’s president is labeled the most corrupted man in the world, he managed to steal 2 billion dollars and still got re elected! The crime rate is the highest in the world, more people are killed daily in South Africa than in a waring country.

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Mexico, due to the kidnappings and murder of tourists. Also Aruba and Ariba

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2,000 year old frescoes at Herculaneum in Italy have been rubbed from the walls by the backpacks of careless visitors.

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Mt. Everest.

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