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Do you tie your shoes, or tuck the strings?

Asked by ibstubro (18773points) May 28th, 2014
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I’m currently doing both, hence the question.

Depends on the shoes.

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Double knot as strings are usually too long for me.

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I do not own any shoes with laces. I only wear sandals and boots. I walk in my all terrain hiking/river sandals instead of walking shoes. I hate tennis shoes. I bought a pair of running shoes a few years ago and wore them once. Since I like to walk natural trails I want my river sandals so I can get my feet wet and not have to mess with shoes and socks.

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My mom ties my shoes for me… I skip into my runners and keep the shoe laces intact… I haven’t seen my mom since October 2012.

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I tease that I never learned to tie my shoes since my laces always come untied. My 8 year old grandson thinks it’s hilarious.

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I tie my shoes. So often on this website, I am in the minority, sometimes for the silliest things.

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I try @filmfann!

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I tie my shoes too.

If I have long laces like running shoes or sneakers or hiking boots, I will double knot them. But I tie my shoes.

I could never tuck the laces into the shoes, that would be as bad as having a small rock in your shoe, or a wrinkle in your sock.

My feet are sensitive.

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I avoid laced shoes.

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I tie my shoes too, when I wear my trainers.

Like @ibstubro, it depends on the shoes.

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Over, under, around, bunny-ears… done.

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How does this lace-tucking thing work? For solo use, no tie involved, that is. Wouldn’t they just loosen immediately?

I double knot when I tie. I tuck the laces inside after I take my shoes off, to avoid getting them all mucked up.

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I have been using this method for around the last decade.

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tied double knot

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@wildpotato the over-stuffed or padded shoes will stay on your feet untied. I have a pair of Air Jordans that don’t require tying or tucking the string in deep.

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I just tie them maybe once a month, and then they stay tied, and I just slip in and out of the shoes.

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Burying the laces is insulting to the lace manufacturer.

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I tie them. I did try the tuck-in thing a few times but I always end up with the hard end of the lace under my foot somewhere and its uncomfortable to stand on them.

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I do both. When it tuck the strings in my shoes, I tie them in a knot first.

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I double knot my shoes but have them tied loose enough so they slip on and off easily . I wear only socks at home and at the office.

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Loose tie/slip on is the easiest, I have to admit, and always my goal when buying tie shoes.

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The shoes I wear most often have two Velcro strips across the top. Easy peasy.

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I bought a pair of vintage (read, used) Nike recently that have permanent rubber band grid built into the shoes in place of laces. They feel much like wearing house slippers.

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Tie ‘em. unless they are Tevas in which case I just let the velcro do its’ thing.

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I tie the laces on shoes.

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