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Who was your favorite Mentor?

Asked by Espiritus_Corvus (17274points) May 29th, 2014
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They could be anybody in your life. Tell us about them.

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Not a person but a collection of books called Value Tales, And not to forget cat in the hat preschool books.

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Uncle Martin on My Favorite Martian. You can learn a lot about life on earth through the eyes of an alien.

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My father, he is such a wonderful person. In my childhood times, he taught me so many things and even does so now, he is such a piece of marvel.

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Jean Luc Picard.

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My english lit teacher, she had outstanding bosoms

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My godfather…this guy is still my mentor and is till teaching me a lot of things.

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like making people offers that they can not refuse

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I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever had a mentor, aside from being raised by my parents. But after I was grown, they were gone.

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@ragingloli it was him who changed my life by introducing me to Star Trek.

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I’ve learned many valuable lessons from numerous people over the years, but I don’t consider any one person a “mentor”.

Feels like too big of a title to me.

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I can’t pick. I never had formal mentors until the last year or two but now I have some fabulous people in my corner. The benefit for me is being able to seek the feedback of these very knowledgeable and experienced people about concerns I have, or projects I’m working on and gain their advice and if appropriate, their practical support. It’s really a wonderful thing. I work in a fairly isolating but competitive field and having someone I can trust to pitch ideas to or ask advice of is absolutely brilliant.

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Probably David Knott. He was the head projectionist of the theater I worked at when I was being trained to be a projectionist. Under David it took around three months before we could have a shift alone. Chris and I were trained under David. After David left management wanted training to be done in a week since we were paid for training. The booth obviously went to shit.

I learned how to manage people and how to make sure people got the best presentation of a film. Then Regal bought us and it was all about spending the least amount of money and fuck them. They already bought a soda.

Fun fact. David was into making swords by hand. They used one of his in The Princess Bride.

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Jack La Lanne.
I watched him on our Black & White TV (only one channel had adequate reception) when I was about 7 years old (I’m 63 now). I had no Dad or adult supervision. Jack La Lanne made a strong and lasting impression on me. Jack La Lanne’s general good health principles of good diet and regulars physical exercise to obtain and maintain fitness as well as his high moral values and love of country have stuck with me. I remember that people use to laugh at him back in the 1960’s but he was way ahead of his time. Jack La Lanne is the Grand Father of physical fitness.

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I remember Jack La Lanne.

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