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Android auto-sync killing battery all of a sudden on S3?

Asked by metadog (378points) June 17th, 2014
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Hi! I have had my S3 for a good long while, ever since they were new with Verizon. Almost immediately, I bought an extended battery and all was good. In the last week or so, the battery has begun discharging rapidly. 50% in a couple of hours. I had extra batteries, so I switched out thinking I had a bad one. Same deal.

Looking around, I read that killing the cache should fix it. Nope. Then someone suggested turning off auto-sync. That did it. Battery drain want back to normal. Why? Why all of a sudden? Then, the Gmail app doesn’t want to manually sync… Annoying. I was hoping to avoid a factory reset, but would that be my next course of action? I’m wondering if the Gmail app is bad. Definitely going to dump that and re-install.

Any thoughts?

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Are you in a place with a weak or non-existent cell connection?

I ask because I visit a remote cabin a couple of times a year, outside cell range.

We found that our phones drain really fast if left on, because the phone is constantly searching for a signal.

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No, I have a reliable cell signal and wifi.

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