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Is this an early sign of brain disorder: Misremembering ATM code?

Asked by ShaChris23 (318points) June 30th, 2014
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I know that this is a common question….. but I’m only in my early 30s. I’m a busy career person, with many friends. I’m normal.

Today the 4-digit ATM code I had been using for the past 5 years were suddenly mis-remembered (or mis-recalled?). Same code for all 5 banks and credit cards of them. I checked; it was my own error. I couldn’t believe it.

Last week everything was just fine, but today—I punched in the SAME number, only to find out I was wrong. It felt impossible; it was really this number. As if TODAY someone hacked into my brain and replaced an old ATM code with a new one.

Not sure if you can call it “memory lapse” because I didn’t “blank out” or anything like the Alzheimer’s.. If so, would anyone kindly point out what it is that I am having? This event shocked me greatly. Thanks so much!

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I don’t get nervous about stuff like that. I think sometimes we try to do too many things at once and just get flustered.

Now, if it happens often, or something really odd happens like you’re driving and forget how to operate the car, then I’d say uh-oh, get it checked out. But for this one incident, I wouldn’t worry.

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It’s called stress, and it can happen. If it happens all the time and you see new stuff happening too, well then might be time to take a second look. Maybe time for a vacation or at least some downtime.

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Oh, and welcome to Fluther!

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I have had that happen twice, and I’m in my early twenties. Don’t worry about it. Welcome to Fluther!

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Thank you…but I literally woke up with a new ATM code. To put it simply, as bad as waking up with a wrong phone number or home address you’ve been using actively and accurately for the past 5 years.

I kept thinking how it went wrong, was it my auditory memory, or my finger memory… just couldn’t figure it out. But my brain was definitely messed up by something. It wasn’t what it was only one week before.

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I’m 37 and this is pretty normal for me. To be perfectly honest I think I am 37 years old but not positive about that. I google “how old am I” a lot.

Edit :: is reporting that I am actually 36 years old. I just gained a year.

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It’s stress. Once, in my early 30’s, I was going through a divorce and it was just a horrible time in my life. I was at a stop sign, a few blocks from the house we’d bought 13 years earlier, and it was an intersection I’d stopped at literally hundred’s of times and….. I drew a complete blank as to which direction to go next. At that moment I was completely lost. I didn’t recognize my surroundings. I took a deep breath and just drove without thinking about any thing consciously. My body remembered the way home from long habit. My brain had just checked out. It was pretty damn scary.

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No, it isn’t. Everybody’s occasionally forgetful. We all misplace the keys, drop appointments, or have problems recalling a name or number. Just last week, I couldn’t recall my own cellphone number (I’ve had it for years) and transposed two of the digits.

I wasn’t concerned, and I doubt that you should be, either. The time to worry is when those momentary lapses start happening frequently, and when you no longer react in a normal manner.

For example, if you or I misplace the keys, we get frustrated, retrace our steps, and find them. It’s a serious warning sign when somebody isn’t capable of retracing or perhaps accuses a family member of having stolen the keys. As another example, if you or I make dinner plans with a friend and stand-up the person, we remember later and feel terrible; someone with diminished brain capacity will have no recollection of the plans.

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I hope not.

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I once went to an ATM and punched in my code no problem. I then collected my card and walked off without taking the money I had just ordered.

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It’s kind of funny. I didn’t realize I was stressed until I forgot the cell number I’ve had for the last 9 years. That was a few days ago. Then I forgot that had happened until a few minutes ago (or I’d have put that in my first answer)! Uh, so what was I saying again?

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Who are you @snowberry? Welcome to Fluther! Get with me in PMs and I’ll show you the ropes. :D

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I’d guess stess. Either that or I have a well established brain disorder.

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Don’t worry about it. I try not to.

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I think I would worry if there were many other instances of forgetfulness. In your case, it seems to be only your pin number. I really think you probably have lots of things on your mind and this is just a quirk for now.

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I wouldn’t worry about it if you haven’t taken any head injuries lately. When I was in my thirties I was so busy I had to write stuff down or it went in one side of the brain and out the other.Welcome to fluther.

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When you have trouble finding your way back home or you don’t know what your every day keys are for then start to worry.

I agree with everyone else, too much going on and stress. Oh, and age. Ugh.

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Do you smoke a lot of ganja?

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