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Did you read about the Great White Shark attack in Manhattan Beach California earlier today?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5527points) July 5th, 2014
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Talk about nature striking back.

Tough luck for the swimmers who happened by at just the wrong time!

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[White Shark says] Go away you stinky jerks! This ocean world is mine! Humans aren’t born to the sea, why the hell do you come here and claim this place yours? Look at tigers, lions… they are fierce, yet they don’t claim the ocean. How dare you? ~

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Usually it is Northern CA. that gets the Great Whites, but hey, when opportunity knocks sharks answer where ever they are. lol
I almost lost a dog to a shark on a Norcal beach some years ago. Beaches were closed for great white sightings and he swam waaay out past the surf, I saw a shark surface and just held my breath but he made it back to shore. Whew!

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Bad timing for sure. I tend to think if you swim/surf in the ocean you’re in their territory. It’s the risk you take. Same if you fish on the side of a river where crocodiles reside. If one decides you look like dinner, fair game.

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Eh, these things happen. People make such a huge deal out of it every time it happens but it really is an incredibly rare occurrence.

Drowning and other beach-related fatalities:

1 in 2 million

Drowning fatalities:

1 in 3.5 million

Shark attacks:

1 in 11.5 million

Shark attack fatalities:

0 in 264.1 million

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Too bad he survived.

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Sounds like the shark was provoked.

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From what i heard, the shark was fighting for it’s life. It was tired. It was angry. It lashed out at something.

I have seen the shark blamed for the attack here but i have to blame the angler.

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@bomyne Agreed, the shark was attempting to shake off the hook and in a panic. I’d bite anyone that got close to me too under those conditions.

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