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If you could be whisked away for a mini vacation (today) but you could magically be back at home in an instant tomorrow, where would you like to go?

Asked by Kardamom (32117points) July 6th, 2014
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It’s really hot here today and I was thinking it might be nice to be standing under a waterfall in Yosemite. That’s about a 10 hour drive my my house so it’s not exactly feasible, but if I could magically be transported there and be back instantly, tomorrow, I think it would be great.

Where would you guys like to be magically transported to, for your mini-vacation? You can take your friends and relatives with you if you want, so it’s not some sort of weird solo trip, where you might be lonely. Heck, you can even take some of us Jellies if you want to.

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Cantonese restaurant in Jasper and I would order beef and broccoli and BBQ duck with my mom.

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Egypt. I have always wanted to see the Sphinx and the Pyramids. Although, I hear that it’s very commercialized around there and doesn’t look like you’d think.

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Also I could go to Athabasca Falls at the part were the mist blows into your face and chest… perfect cool.

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The moon. More specifically, the Apollo landing site.

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My brother is in the Bahamas right now, and I’m so jealous…

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South Korea, right to the city we lived in when I was eleven. I’d take my family, and we’d have a day of nostalgia. No time to see everything we would like to see, of course…but a start, at least.

We’d visit the school and Kindergarten first. They will have changed a lot, but as the headmaster is still the same, it won’t be too shocking. Best school I ever went to, so I can’t be disappointed. It would be so much fun to see whether we get recognized…maybe we’d even be allowed to listen in on some classes. Most of all, I’d like to observe assembly again. Could we go on a Friday?

Next, we’d have a look into our flat and marvel at how everything has gotten smaller. See whether we can find any signs of our having lived there – I doubt it. Peel a piece of wallpaper off one more time, and check to see whether the mosquito nets still have gaping holes. Stick our noses into the cupboards to see whether they still smell like moth balls, and enjoy the air-conditioned rooms.

We’d spend some time at the clubhouse, looking out for people we know. My sister and I would probably need to climb some of the walls again, and use all our secret alleys. Maybe, if we’re hot enough already, a swim in the community’s pool would be nice.

Afterwards, we would take a trip to a department store we used to visit often. Eat there, and stroll through the supermarket. Enjoy the fish being prepared in the middle of the aisle. Buy the products we miss. Not get fooled by all the things that look great, like the baguette browned with sugar. Enjoy the noise, the Korean voices babbling and the loudspeakers blaring.

Then, we’d be back outside, take a moment to appreciate the huge ants and humid air. Hope for sudden, warm rain. Drive to the coast to stroll along the cliffs, eating the weird strawberry ice cream sold in balloons. Smell the silk worms being fried. Not try any. Smell the sea, and watch it crashing against the rocks.

On the way back, we’d listen to the loudspeakers chanting. We’d wonder what, exactly, they’re saying. “Enjoy the woods”? “Buy more ice cream”? “Experience the solitude”?

My dad would probably want to visit his office, so that’s where we’d go next. I’m sure we’d all be wide-eyed, driving through the familiar streets. Maybe we’d put on songs we used to listen to at that time. “Mrs. Robinson” makes me think of Korea, as well as “Matilda” or “You Can Get it if You Really Want”.

By now, this being Korea, it would probably be dark. For dinner, I know exactly where I’d want to go – but it’s quite a drive. Ah, well. We’d do it. An Indian restaurant in the neighbouring town – the best I’ve ever been at. We could spend the night at a hotel we used to stay at. Hope the cockroaches won’t be too active at night.

After dinner, we would definitely need to take some time to listen to the harvest flies, before sinking into bed. The hotel is right at the beach, so we’d hear the sea crash as we’re falling asleep.

Next day, we’d go back “home”. We would visit our favourite bakery for breakfast, and buy the Greek Rye and Danish Rye he started baking – after years of being harrassed by all those damn foreigners. We’d buy bottles of plum juice and the disgusting grape juice, plus some cream cheese. With all that, we’d go visit a park we spent lots of time at. There’s a little brook in there, and we would wade in it for a while.

On the way back, we’d walk along the tiny street back to the foreigners’ community. We’d look in on the video store and the arts and crafts place. My sister would need to visit the candy store, of course.

How much time do we have left? I’d like for us to visit the jungle cafe and have greasy fries…or maybe an ice cream cake. Then five more minutes!, we’d visit the first place we lived at, and take the elevator to the 25th level. We lived on the 13th, but of course, the view is even better from way up at the roof.

We’d end our trip by watching the city for a while. See if we can spot some of the places we remember. Listen for the bustle, and get interrupted by families laughing or arguing with each other.

Then, we’d let you whisk us away. Thank you :]

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South shore Lake Superior, Michigan My favorite place in the U.S.

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I’d like to go to the Northern Territory and visit Darwin, Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks and drive down to Alice Springs via the Katherine Gorge and see Uluru.

I want to book a motorhome and do a road trip.

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Sicily. Just want to see for myself if that place is really that messed up like people say.

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Monterosso al Mare. Or Biaritz.

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I went to Montana’s steakhouse today… I didn’t like the food… It’s my family’s favorite restaurant. It was the company that I missed. I feel like tearing up.

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@longgone Wow! Just Wow! Where is your novel??? I’d love to read it.

@talljasperman I know you’ve been wanting to go there for awhile, next time you’ll go with people that you like and it will be lovely. What do you usually like to order? I wish I could bring you out to California and take you to Clearman’s Northwoods Inn. I think there are 3 of them, but each of them has fake snow (we don’t get any snow out here) on the roof and they specialize in big selections of BBQ, but my favorite 2 things are the blue cheese iceberg lettuce salad and the red cabbage salad. I think you’d love it. Especially the thick cut cheese garlic bread. You could bring whoever you like. : ) Have a look at their Website

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@jca Scotland would be incredible (not necessarily for the food) but for the scenery, and the accents which have been known to bring me to my knees.

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To the ocean with a cool breeze, but water warm enough to swim in. I’d like to hear the surf from my room.

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Santorini. Don’t know why, but just wanna go.

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Stresa, Italy

Just south of Switzerland, right on Lake Maggiore. We were there for a couple days over fifteen years ago. I would move there if I could.



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Pietragalla, Italy. A small little town in Italy where my grandparents are from.

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@cookieman I was in Stresa a couple of years ago. It’s still beautiful there.

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@BeenThereSaidThat: Gaaah! I so want to retire there.

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@Kardamom: The whole medieval thing is fascinating to me. I went to Ireland a few times and some parts were so incredible and probably relatively unchanged since medieval times. Scotland, I would think, is somewhat similar in that regard.

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Thanks. I can’t take any credit, it just happened :)

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Anywhere warm and sunny. Soooooo cold right now.

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Sooo cold.”

@trailsillustrated: Where are you? It’s super hot and humid here is Boston, MA US. Wanna trade? :^)

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@cookieman: I am guessing @trailsillustrated is Australian, according to his/her profile.

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I’ve ways wanted to visit Australia. I’ll trade.

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It’s a bit chilly in Oz at the moment. There’s snow in the Blue Mountains. Come on over @cookieman.

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I’m so cold at night I wake up. Someone please trade me.

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@trailsillustrated Is there not a heater in your place? A space heater for your bedroom? I hate being cold.

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An oil fin heater in the lounge, a box aircon/heater in there too. A panel heater in my bedroom. I looked at the electric meter earlier and it was spinning so fast it’s going to bust through the glass into orbit. My face is freezing, the toilet is so cold your bum almost freezes to the seat.

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July and August, suck. balls

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Dreadful. I would be miserable too. I promised myself never to be cold in my house again. I built my new house with a zone just for my bedroom and study so I can super heat it in the evening and not have to heat the whole house. Everyone laughs at me saying I’ll almost never need to put my heat on here. I had it on for three months last winter.

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@JLeslie awesome, I am guessing you live in America. I live in an old house. We don’t have that type of technology I guess.

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Right. In Florida in America. The old houses here don’t have the separate zones either. Plus, in southern region of the states the heating often sucks, because even if the house has central heating, the houses are built for air conditioning with all the vents on the ceiling. Heat rises so the heat does not get down to where the people are efficiently. When I went to college in Michigan the campus had it’s own steam heat system like NYC does, and I am always very snug and warm in those places even though it is freezing outside. it pisses me off that I am warmer in Michigan than in my house in Tennesseee or Florida. No more. (I am assuming you know the geography of those states and basic climate since you lived here a while).

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@trailsillustrated Come out to sunny and extremely hot California : ) It’s been in the high 80’s and 90’s for weeks. On top of that, I got hot flashes. I spend most of my time at home with a wet rag around my neck.

I’ve actually gone to Costco, when we didn’t need anything, just so I could spend time in the milk cooler room. It’s like an ice rink in there.

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@Kardamom LOL. She just escaped the US. I don’t think she is coming back.

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@JLeslie we don’t have central heat here. I actual am planning to visit the us with all my children in a few months. @Kardamom it gets unbelievably hot here in the summer and none of our cars have aircon- its a mist bottle. And my car is black with black leather seats ehhh…..

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@trailsillustrated That sounds pretty miserable : (

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@trailsillustrated Sounds miserable. Until I was 9 we only had an airconditioner in my parents bedroom. Until I was 11 Our only car had no air conditioning. The summers were miserable, eslecially inside the car! One year we drove to Florida for a vacation, 18 hours of driving, and my sister got horribly sick, which my mom blames on the heat. She swore never to do a trip like that again. Make one of those battery operate air conditioners for your car. Large styrofoam container cut a space in the top for a small battery fan face down, and another hole to fit a pipe blowing the cold air out. Load it with ice and turn on the fan and the air coming out if the pipe is around 40 degrees. It would cool a car in three minutes and you can keep some water or Cokes in there.

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Now @Earthbound_Misfit, when you say Oz, do you mean the Emerald City Oz?

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Well @Dan_Lyons, it is pretty magical in places. Oz is also known as ‘Down Under’ and more formally as Australia. Oz is a colloquialism for Australia.

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