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How far from your home is your place of work? Do you find commuting convenient or do you face problems in going and coming back?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21745points) July 7th, 2014
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Do you use your car or another transport means? How long does the trip take you?

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15 minutes. Walking.

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About 4 meters. My office is in my home. I commute by making a left turn in the kitchen. Commuting takes about 7 seconds.

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Door to door by car, my office is 19.7 miles from my home.

I almost always take public transit. If I am in a hurry, I will drive to the train which takes four minutes, or ten minutes if I walk, The ride takes 29 minutes, and my office is two blocks from the station,

I live in California but I work NY hours, so I am ahead of the traffic both ways, So no commute hassles for me.

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1 hour by car in the Summer.
2 hours by car during the school year (because I drop my daughter at school first, then continue on to work).

It’s a long commute (upwards of 4 hours a day), but I’m used to it. I use the time to listen to podcasts and audiobooks and chat with my daughter.

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Maximum 40 steps. I freelance from my home office.

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@zenvelo has this commuting tired you mentally?

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@cookieman have you considered moving?

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About 6 minutes, but then I have to drive all day, 6 minutes is where we park the Transport-truck.

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About 35 miles – about 40 to 50 minutes each way. This is not a bad commute.

I used to go about 60 miles each way which was really grueling. I used to have to take my daughter to the day care or babysitter (depending on what day it was) which was 45 minutes, and then 45 minutes from there to work. The way I dealt with that was that I just took my time in the morning and ate up my vacation, but it made each day less stressful.

To me, anything less than one hour is not bad. Right now, 40 to 50 minutes is cake.

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Lmfao I live a block and a half from work. My car is almost literally recreational only.

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My work location is 30 miles from where I live. It takes me about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes to get to work on a good day. The commute home is even worse. I have to drive through some of the worst traffic in the USA. I have been doing this for 19 years. Somehow and so far I have survived.

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It’s about 5 minutes drive in traffic, 20 minutes to walk. I tend to drive because I’m too lazy to set my alarm easier to give myself time to walk. I’m aware that makes me a shit human being!

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You are not a shit human being, @Leanne1986! Hell, I used to work just about 4 blocks from here and I drove! Mainly cuz I wanted to go to McD’s first, which is quite a bit further.

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I have a 10 minute drive. I rarely have any traffic issues because I go it at 6:40am and come home around 7:45pm.

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That’s a long day @Seaofclouds.

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I live in L.A. so I have gone through all the stages of grief and now I just accept what is.

On a bad day I spend 1 hour driving to work and then another hour back home. On a good day I spend less than 20 minutes each way. Ridiculous.

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@Dutchess_III Yes it is, but luckily I only have to do it 3 times a week.

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The longest commute I’ve ever had was a 40 minute bike ride. I would never choose to live so far from work that I had to a) commute by car or b) have a long public transit commute. By far, most of my commuting to work or school has been by foot or by bike.

I value both my time and my money. Long commutes are an unnecessary waste of both.

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I commute 45 miles each way, and my fiancé commutes 55 miles each way in the opposite direction. We tried to find a home that was about halfway, and we did quite well.

His is the worst commute – towards and then past New York City. He also has to take toll roads. Before we met, he lived about 4 blocks from his office. I’ve always had a long commute, so I’m used to it. Auto maintenance is the key, though.

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Holy guacamole! Can you expense any of it on taxes?

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@ZEPHYRA: Nope. I love living near Boston and working in the city.

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8 hours away

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I work from home.

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At a previous job I worked in an electronics factory. I had to be at work for 6 am. This meant leaving home at 4.30 am, walking 40 minutes to the bus stop. 30 minutes in the bus, then 15 minutes walk through the estate.

At another (more recent) job, I needed 5 buses each day to get there and back. Despite the fact that my workplace was only about 10 miles away!

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@EmJay1070 – That’s why most people shun public transit around here. It’s usually too complicated to get from one point to the other, and often takes much longer.

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@tinyfaery: How do you do it? Do you give yourself an hour each way every day and then if you don’t encounter traffic, you’re just early that day? Do you start work or do you hang out and kill time?

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@hearkat – I can’t drive, so I’ve no choice. I have to use the public transport to get anywhere, unless I walk! Currently it’s not an issue, as I was made redundant from my last job. Still, all those buses to work were taking a fair chunk out of my wages!

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It’s a 30–45 minute drive, depending on traffic. I work in the capital city, so traffic is unpredictable. Friday I was an hour late because there was a motorcycle accident that caused the interstate to turn into a parking lot before they finally re-routed us and I had to go around my ass to get to my elbow in order to make it to work.

My husband works 6 minutes from home. Lucky bastard.

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I work at the coolest law firm. The partners are so lax. As long as I’m there before 10am they’re cool. My official start time is 8:30am. I try not to abuse the privilege.

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50 minutes each way. The biggest obstacle on my commute is the construction in the neighborhood around my work. The only way into the neighborhood takes me past this daycare or preschool or something that is always letting out just when I go in (noon.)

One time I was stuck sitting there for 15 minutes because people were waiting in the pickup area. Some ding-dong tried to make a left turn into there, even though it was CLEARLY at capacity. Nobody moved and they couldn’t get in, so the person was stuck diagonally across both lanes in mid-left turn. Meanwhile, each parent has like 5 kids who are amped up on sugar and running around in every possible direction, and all of these people are crossing the street in front of me as slowly and disorganized as possible.

This is how I feel like literally every single day. If it’s a morning when I’m hung over, I want to kill pretty much every single person on earth.

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I hated a long commute when I was working. I have had commutes as long as an hour by car each way more than one time in my life. With the first one I sometimes drove to the metro 20 minutes away and took the train about 50 minutes so I didn’t have to do the drive since my workplace was just a couple blocks from the metro stop on the other end.

During most of my career my commute has varied between 15–30 minutes by car. Luckily, many of my jobs didn’t care if I was a little late.

I worked from home for a while too.i really liked that. I also have had jobs where I travel to different locations daily, but had a lot of flexibility with my hours. That was great too. At one point I had the whole state of FL and even travelled to Puerto Rico for work. Within FL I usually drove, once in a blue moon I flew to the other coast.

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My office is a 50–60 minute drive but I don’t go there every day.

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