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What's the new slang for 'The Boob Tube', 'The Idiot Box", the flat screen television?

Asked by ibstubro (18786points) July 23rd, 2014
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Coin it here first and we’ll record your ingenuity for the lawsuit.

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Dunno. I call mine, affectionately, Lifeline.

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Hi def.

Everytime I watch it, I wish I was either high or deaf.

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It’s always been called the same thing, the telly

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The Hi Def.

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That fantastically flat fucker.
The thin thing.
The raving rectangle.
Hi Def Harry.
The moronic monolith.
Not the computer.

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Wonder Window

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It is, was, and probably will be the TV.

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Pandora purveyor

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Thanks! Looks like Hi Def is in the lead, but if I had a flat screen I would give serious consideration to “Wonder Window”.

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I still like “The Eye of God.”

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Magical Tapestry

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• $700 zombie maker
• The electric bill heightener and IQ lightener.
• Visual Chiclet.
• Adult babysitter
• Fantasy Wal-land
Those can be a start

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