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If you had your own food truck, what kind of food would you sell?

Asked by Carly (4555points) July 26th, 2014
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Just curious. :)

I was recently at an outdoor event that had all kinds of trucks. As a foodie it was inspirational, but I don’t think I could actually have a business like that.

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Such a good question. I work at a hospital and all we can get is hospital cafeteria food. I have always thought that if someone would come by from 11 a.m. to about 2 p.m. in a food truck, they would strike it rich. I know that sub sandwiches, small pizza’s, pre-packaged salads, ice cream, chicken nuggets, fries, etc. would go over well.

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Potato chips!

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Hot dogs/sausages, chips and ice cream bars. Easy to prepare, hold well, and lend themselves to endless variety by use of condiments. Bottled water and lemonade.

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Tamales. Pork, beef, chicken, vegan. But tamales! Mmmmmm!

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Lox and cream cheese on bagels for breakfast with freshly squeezed OJ,
and hot corned beef on rye for lunch with cream soda.

And just imagine the name possibilities.

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Pastries and cookies – things you could eat with one hand.

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BBQ sammiches. Pork, Beef or Chicken; for types of BBQ.

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Finger foods like cream puffs, dumplings, empanadas, fruit skewers & meat/ veggie skewers, etc…

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Something that wasn’t cooked by me because if it was, I sure wouldn’t be getting business.
Dry Chicken! Come getcha dry, tasteless chicken here! With a side of rice that was stuck to the bottom of the pot!

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Papaya juice and hotdogs.

Fruit juice like Gray’s Papaya and Papaya King in NYC but with Chicago-style dogs.

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Hamburgers, loaded hot dogs, pop, orange juice.

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Deep fried stuff. I love flipping donuts with the drumsticks. I would have many varieties of icing. Funnel cakes, fer shur! I’m on the fence about fried Twinkies.
I think I would buy those cotton candy paper cones to put my donuts on, so people could stack them like a kabob. If they wanted, I could stack half a dozen donuts on them then drizzle their favorite topping(s) all over the whole stack.

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@dxs, funny momkey! :-) I’ll teach you some yummy teriyaki chicken. You’d be a hit.

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A pepper steak sandwich plate with side dishes.


My famous pepper steak sandwiches loaded with grilled red and yellow and green pepper strips, grilled onions, perfectly seasoned steak strips and melted Provalone with avocado.
Then my famous cashew cole slaw, maybe some steak fries, fried zucchini and mushrooms, grilled corn on the cob as side dishes.

To die for, literally, with all the fat and calories. lol
I JUST saw this a few weeks ago, he ended up serving Cuban sandwiches.
Great little movie.

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Also deep fried Mars Bars.

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@Jonesn4burgers Please do! But I won’t be cooking until December.

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December, @dxs? You only cook in December? Who cooks the rest of the time?

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His Mom. He transfers in December. Until then, Momma dunks the dumplings.

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I would add frozen ice mugs… made from ice to keep your cola cold… and no litter since it melts.

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But he has to eat doesn’t he?

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Haha..I thought @talljasperman said he would add frozen MICE mugs.

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Milk and cookies!

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@kritiper Soft and gooey, or hard and healthy.

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@Jonesn4burgers @ibstubro I wish my mom cooked for me, but that’s not her thing (Don’t you all remember that rant? haha). Until August, it’s me doing the cooking, but I won’t have a stove. After August, my campus will do the cooking.

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@dxs (smacking forehead, some snot pops loose) right! That’s like a ways back though. We’ve waded through some other stuff since that part of the situation.
School food, mmmmmmmm good stuff.

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@talljasperman What would you like?? I’d sell all kinds.

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You should learn to cook, @dxs. It’s very rewarding. What are you cooking with now, if not stove?

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@dxs Get a crock pot, you can make all kinds of things with no effort. Toss in a roast or whole chicken, let it go for a few hours, spaghetti sauce, chili, soups. One of the best and easiest and yummy ways to make meals and have lots of freezer stock.

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Thanks! I should ask a question about cooking in the near future.

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Yeah, and don’t forget the liners for your crockpot – NO cleanup! One of the perks of having an auction business, I’ve gotten 2 free crockpots (both like new) in the past week. Boy, could I fix you up, @dxs.

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Don’t panic, and nobody gets hurt! This thread is being hijacked, and nobody can stop it. Ya hear! ;-P

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I’m thinking soup would be good. Vegetarian soup. I’d have say 10 different kinds and I’d change them up every week or so. Here’s some of the soups I’m thinking of serving:


Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Fresh Tomato Soup

White Bean and Roasted Mushroom Soup

Corn Chowder

Hot and Sour Soup

Miso Soup

Split Pea Soup

Beer Cheese Potato Soup

Minestrone Soup

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@kritiper deep fried mars bars… no ice cream extra whipped crème…drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce.

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@talljasperman You are quite focused on those Mars bars. Any other requests?

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A large draft Coke from an ice mug.

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