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What and where is the most haunted property in your city of residence?

Asked by WickedVamp (605points) August 1st, 2014
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What are the stories you’ve heard or experienced first hand in regards to this property?

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I would say the woods behind me. I often see a lone woman standing near the trees right before dark. After dark, the sounds and soft echoes fill the air. If you go in at night and stand there, you begin to fill surrounded. Everything turns calm.

Would you know who that might be that I’m seeing?

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She sounds like the one who long ago told you to go outside and you would see her and feel her presence. She must truly haunt you because she still roams those woods…

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There are three buildings considered haunted in this city, including the building I work in. And yes, I’ve heard and seen stuff I cannot explain.

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The Texas state capitol building.

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Okay, you asked for it. I used to leave my door open all the time, and one day something looked in the door from the left side. It just peaked in a bit, vaguely human shaped, about 5’6” to 5’9. Then it pulled back. My desk faces the door, so I know I saw something. I got up and went to the door and nothing was in the hallway. There’s nothing to the left but the hall and a heavy noisy door. It never opened. Another late night I was leaving the office and I started towards the elevator. It’s a long hallway and I heard what sounded like a heavy cart or something like one rolling down the hall on the floor above me. It followed me all the way to the elevator. And it never changed. But the fourth floor is completely empty and there are carpeted strips in the hall. It should have changed. One other night I heard really loud footsteps going down the hall above me. Really stomping hard. There was no staff on hand other than the guy at the front desk watching the security cams after 4:00. I supposed he could have been messing with me. The other one’s I have no idea what they were.

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None of them. Ghosts and spirits are a figment of imagination, only “witnessed” by people who are alone in the dark. The human brain is tricky; without a clear idea of what it is seeing or hearing, it anthropomorphizes shadows, lights and sounds.

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A secondary school. Probably the most famous haunted place here. That place used to be a cementery, then a morgue, and now a school. Strange things are said to happen: students commit suicide there without clear reason, students get possessed by ghosts, strange noise at night… And there are some unconfirmed ghost sighting stories too. The most famous ones being the one about an armless boy in the girl’s toilet, who is speculate to have been a torture victim in the morgue; and a teacher who are seen wandering arounf the school, who is rumored to be a falsely accused prisoner.

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Our local pub, loads of spirits there, people come out looking in a real state.

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I think my own mind is the most haunted place of all.

@Adirondackwannabe That’s exciting! I’ll be there soon…

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@flip86 Only one problem with your explanation. Whatever looked into the office did it on an afternoon, with a brightly lit hallway and a brightly lit office.
@UnholyThirst I’m not sure I’d think exciting as my first response. :)

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@Adirondackwannabe Oh but, it would be. Embrace whatever entity it was. Be inviting.

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I live near the Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio. I’ve heard bar activity in the basement bar area after it was closed. Clinking glasses and conversations as if the place was full. it was pretty unnerving, but my friend, an employee there said she got used to it pretty quickly, but she wouldnt go downstairs.

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I’m not sure about haunted properties where we live, but we will be staying at Chicago’s most haunted hotel in a few short weeks. The Congress Plaza. Maybe we’ll see Al Capone or Peg Leg Johnny?

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There’s a hotel in downtown Phoenix—can’t recall its name—that’s supposedly haunted. I never stayed overnight but once ate lunch in their restaurant. Not a ghost in sight but the food and service were a bit scary.

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My bathroom is haunted by the ghost of BMs past.

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Longleat House

Longleat House, Warminster- Lady Louisa Carteret who married 2nd Viscount Weymouth, has been known as the ‘Grey Lady’ who walks up and down the staircase at Longleat House. She supposedly became attached to the Footman who worked there and in a jealous rage Viscount Weymouth pushed him down the spiral staircase and murdered him, or so the story goes.Source

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My house. By the farmer who built the original house in 1910.

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There are several legends in my area about hauntings. The most enduring legend is about the old abandoned children’s hospital. It is located on a creepy road known as “gravity hill” because if you park on it and put your car into neutral, you will actually roll uphill. It is an optical illusion, but anyway. For decades, the story keeps getting spread, and teenagers get a car full of friends and drive up there for a scare. The building is locked, but apparently not hard to get in. The rumor is that you can hear the crying of children in the corridors.

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The Chateau Marmont or maybe the Roosevelt Hotel. Some people say The Hollywood sign is haunted and the old zoo in Griffith Park.

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@Adirondackwannabe I know that event well by now, the part with the rolling cart above you is creepy. I’ll always be curious about it.

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Wherever I happen to live at any time.
When we were in our late teens, my best friend told me she was going to haunt me if she died before me. We had a falling out, because she started getting into harder stuff than herb and booze. She began hangig out with a different crowd. I begged her to quit, and come back to being my friend. One night, all of them tripping, they were out for a drive. They hit a jeep head on, and everyone in the car died. The woman and two kids in the jeep were okay.
It didn’t take my friend long to make good on her promise, and continue from time to time up to this very day. It has been over thirty years. She has quite the sense of humor.
A couple of weeks after her death, a few of us who had all been her friends were all together. We started asking each other if she had visited yet. Each of us had something to share, knocking on walls in empty house, doorknobs turning with nobody on either side of the door, whimsical stuff like that.
I got a jolt one day, shortly after joining the Navy. I suddenly remembered that she also used to tell people she would send them to Siberia. LOL! I was one of those people.
So far I’ve never been to Siberia. so far

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Tell me more about you, please.

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Creeper alert.

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