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Would you, or have you, paid $200.00 for a pair of jeans?

Asked by rojo (24179points) August 5th, 2014
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If so, what kind were they and did you think they were worth it two weeks later?

1. Are you male or female?
2. What is your age range
3. What is the most you have paid for a pair of jeans?
4. What brand were they, if you remember?

My answers
1: Male
2: 50 – 60
3: $25.00
4: Probably Wranglers

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1. Male
2. 19
3. $20
4. Target brand (Mossimo something)

That was when I was in middle school. Nowadays, I just get them at the thrift store for around $12. My ex-roommate had three (THREE!) pairs of True Religion jeans that he would ball up and fling to the corner of the room when he was done using them. I don’t even want to know how much they cost.

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Just buy what looks good at Walmart.
Would never dream of spending $200 on any clothing item.

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Somewhere around $120
I don’t remember the brand.

Most of my jeans cost $50—$80 more or less. Not that I have tons of jeans. Half my jeans were free from when I worked for Calvin Klein.

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1. Female
2. 50 – 60
3. Under $50
4. Levi’s as a teen. Talbots (on sale) as an adult.

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I would not but I could imagine that rich people would not think twice about paying $200 for a pair of jeans, just like they pay thousands of dollars for handbags and shoes. Someone in my family recently had a pair of Chanel espadrilles. I googled them, out of curiosity, thinking if regular espadrilles are about $45, a pair of Chanels might be double. WRONG! Close to 1k for this pair of shoes, and they’re the kind of thing you’d kick around at a summer party or a casual vacation stroll through a village.

The most I ever paid for jeans was probably about $35. I tend to look for sales and I don’t like to pay full price for anything, but then again, I’m not rich. I’m not struggling, but I’m far from rich.

I am a female, in my 40’s.

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1. Male
2. 50— 60
3. $40
4. Levis

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I remember going to an exhibit of rock clothing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute, about 10 years ago. They had the iconic flannel shirt and black jeans worn by Bruce Springsteen. Mind you, when Bruce Springsteen wore them, the whole image was “working class guy.” Who knew that in real life, the jeans were Fiorucci, probably custom made. The shirt was probably some famous brand, too, yet the whole look was “Levis” or something All American.

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1. Female
2. 20–30
3. $50
4. American Eagle

No, I would never spend $200 on a pair of jeans.

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I wouldn’t spend $200 on a pair of jeans ,even if I had 2 billion in the bank.

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Whatever brand is currently at goodwill.

The idea of even spending $40 on a pair of pants seems insane to me.

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I think it depends if your jeans are a fashion statement or just for casual like shorts and t-shirts. A fabulous pair of jeans can make your shape look different and the comfort even varies.

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@JLeslie I’m confident with how I look, I don’t need to drop $200 on a “fashion statement” , as per comfort, a nice worn in pair of jeans will win that contest any day of the week.

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It does not necessarily have to do with confidence. Not everyone who buys more fashion forward items lacks confidence. Many many things influence what we wear. Also, women’s bodies tend to be harder to fit, so a woman might spend more on a pair of jeans just because they fit well. She might try on 15 pairs and buy the one that fits almost regardless of the price. Jeans usually last a long time. Small waist, boy waist, big hips, no hips, big ass, flat ass, short rise, long rise (not even talking about low rise and high rise, which are more of a preference and not an actually body type problem) long legnth for higher heals, short for flats, etc. etc.

My Silver jeans (about $70) definitely make me look thinner than my Levi’s, and the denim, stitching, and dye is different between the two. I look neater and more put together. Women are judged more than men on how we look. Plus, some people just love fashion, just like some people appreciate art. Watch Valentinos The Last Emporer. It drives home his love of the female form and his garments are works of art. His focus on fit and how it accentuates the figure, he was truly incredible. A lot of cheap jeans have small back pockets, or misplaced back pockets that look terrible. Not Levi’s, but some others.

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I have.

My favorite example was a pair I bought at Sisley while buying suits.

The denim was heavy, with a dark wash with just a hint of texture. Button fly, lovely low rise and close inseam and a slight taper. They were devoid of crazy ornamentation.

Fit was flawless except for hem. Easily fixed by tailoring.

I wore them constantly as the wash and cut were extremely versatile.

Price, like all other concerns, is secondary to fit. How often does anyone come across jeans that fit perfectly (hem excluded)?

Correct fit is the ultimate statement. If others are spending large amounts on jeans for some other idea of image (labels for image sake for example) that is their tragicness, not mine.

I have spent $600 on Prada jean trousers.

I am male.

“Your jeans should get you laid.” -Carson Kressley

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1. Male
2. 60 – 70
3. $55
4. Levi’s

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Fluther is a site of “regular folk.” I’m sure if you go on a fashion site with metrosexuals and fashionistas, you’ll find people that would not think twice about spending 200 bucks on jeans.

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1. Male
2. 30–40
3. £100
4. Diesel (to put this into perspective for Americans, Levi’s 501’s can retail for about £90 if your unlucky).

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1. Female.
2. 19
3. $35 or $40
4. I don’t pay much attention to brands.

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No I haven’t and no I would not.

1. female
2. 46
3. $30.00
4. Probably Lee

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Not sure I could bring myself to pay $200 for a pair of jeans under any circumstance.

1. Male
2. 37
3. Around $55 if I recall correctly.
4. Levi’s

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Never. Female. 62. Somewhere in the 20 dollar range.

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1: Male
2: 37
3: $70
4: These since I needed something durable and with lots of pockets when I was building fences.

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I haven’t and I can’t see me ever doing so but I guess if I tried a pair on and they looked fabulous, maybe I’d buy them. However, I agree with @JLeslie that if someone likes designer clothing, they’re quite likely to spend more than $200 on a pair of jeans. I just looked at one of our top department stores and there were jeans priced at over $300.

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I have 2 pair of jeans that retail at Neiman Marcus for $250 a pair. GREAT jeans! I paid $4 per pair, at the thrift store. I wear them with my Hugo boots ($250 for $6) and other clothing that comes out at about $1,000, I paid around $50 for.

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Female hetero
age 54.8
Never! Ditto designer purses, shoes, jewelry, wallets etc.

I’d pay $200 for an excellent meal, a piece of artwork, something fun for my pets like a cool kitty condo, but while I have a style of my own it is my own, and, quite frankly, I can dress myself really nicely with pizazz, on a budget.
I did spend $2000.00 on special treatments for my old pet gooses crippled foot, if you’re going to be a big spender spend it on something that counts more than your ass in a pair of designer jeans. haha
My biggest beauty splurge is bleaching my teeth, after all my winning smile is what you see coming at you, you can ogle my un-designed ass on the way out the door. lol

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@Coloma That’s another good Q. How much would you spend on a meal? I never would spend $200 on a meal for myself, unless the $200 price tag included an overnight stay as part of a vacation.

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@JLeslie Yes, not just for myself, but for two, with wine and cocktails and a tip it is easy to hit $200. I have done this a few times, mostly treating friends while traveling.

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1. Male
2. 40–50
3. About £50 but usually I don’t go above £30.
4. No idea. I don’t care about the brand and rarely even look. Only the fit matters.

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I am a late-forties female in the US. I am “plus sized” so all my clothes are more expensive than the skinnier versions, and finding a good fit is not easy, and most “designer” brands don’t carry my size. I’d guess that the most I’ve paid for Jeans is around $60.00, and they were the store brand.

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