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What do you shave, and why do you shave it?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) August 10th, 2014
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What parts of your body do you shave?
I have a goatee, so I shave my cheeks and neck.

Why do you shave them?
The goatee is for fashion, I guess.

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What? Legs, armpits, and genitals.

Why? More attractive and hygienic, in my opinion.

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Full genital shave, @livelaughlove21?
I prefer a very close trim.

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Shave nothing. I have had a beard since I was 22 years old. I get a trim every 4–6 weeks, but that’s all.

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Wow. That somehow impresses me, @elbanditoroso. I get my hair cut more often than that and trim the goatee nearly daily. The barber trims your beard?

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@ibstubro – yes, I ask the barber to put #2 blade on the razor and he/she does both the top and the beard.

Note that I have always had curly hair and even when it was longer it was tight to my head.

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I’m a natural blonde with blue eyes and very little body hair. I shave my armpits, because, well…comfort and hygiene. I also keep my girly parts nicely manicured but not completely shaved nor racing striped. haha
I did go through a phases of not shaving my legs years ago, but, being so fair and hairless to begin with my leg hair was very fine and sparse and actually I liked the look of it against my very tan skin. A glow if you will.

I never had any men take offense, I have a reputation for being a sweet smelling and tasty little blossom. lol

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@ibstubro Full shave, yes, but only once a week. Trying a Brazilian wax in a couple of weeks.

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Armpits a couple times a week to keep them clean.

Legs, including the tops of my feet and toes – frequency varies depending on season and wardrobe. They get itchy if the hair gets too long. The toes and feet were hairier in my younger years – I’m not even sure if hair grows there anymore (since my vision ain’t what it used to be, either), I just shave there out of habit.

I trim the pubes, but in the past I have shaved and or waxed. I also waxed the pits, legs and pubes for a while, too; but it’s messy and awkward reaching all the places. But I can’t justify the expense of having it done at a nice place where I’m confident in the hygiene of their facilities. I find that pubic hair does actually keep the area cooler and less sweaty. It seems counter-intuitive, but when one sits a lot everything gets mushed together, so having hair there helps it breathe, I guess.

Eyebrows get waxed and plucked at home. Occasional stray hairs on my chin, birthmarks on my arms, and around my nipples also get plucked.

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I also have a goatee, so I shave ny cheeks and neck once a week whether I need to or not—more often if socially expedient.

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Male, and I trim my beard about once every 2 weeks I like to keep it short, but shave nothing I have had a beard since I was teenager.

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What: Legs and underarms.

Why: I don’t like hair in my pits. I shave my legs to be socially acceptable. I don’t actually care about leg hair.

I do not shave my pubic region, nor do I have to trim it (it’s not that long). I don’t want to feel like a prepubescent girl again. Ick.

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My face (in the shower), because I look awful with facial hair.

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Underarms, legs and bikini. Why? Because I have been socialized to believe that hair in those places is unsightly.

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I have recently heard that shaving a man’s genital region is called “manscaping.”

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@kritiper That term has been around for quite some time.

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Legs and about 30% of private parts.

I wasn’t fond of underarm hair, so I had it removed (electrolysis) many years ago. The process was long and expensive, but I’ve never regretted it for a moment.

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I shave what little facial hair I have because I don’t like the look of facial hair.

Otherwise, I trim my pubic area, but don’t shave it off. And I haven’t done anything abut chest hair (which I don’t have too much of) and armpit hair. I just leave that all be.

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Everything everyday in the shower.

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And how do we shavers prevent razor bumps and itch? Particularly in the pubic region?

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@ibstubro Soak in a warm bath to soften hair, use new razor and Aveeno fragrance free shave gel, apply fragrance free lotion afterward.

Works for me and my super sensitive skin.

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Face and top of my head. Regular basis.

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I shave my armpits every day. I started because that’s just what you do when you’re a 13 year old girl in America, and I continue because now that I’m used to it, it feels unpleasant to let it grow.

I do not shave my pubic hair and rarely trim it. Doing either makes me itchy.

I shave my legs only once I realize that the hair has gotten long enough to be embarrassing if someone were to notice, because I am lazy.

One of my favorite singers doesn’t shave anything except her eyebrows, which she then draws on in whatever manner she’s in the mood for.

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Great pic, @Mariah. How fun.

Don’t give @Coloma any dangerous ideas. She’s seeking work!

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I shave my face(excluding chin) (yay pathetic beard!) , chest and nether regions. Occasionally I will shave my right forearm but pretty rarely.

Why? I find chest/back hair nasty (thankfully I don’t have back hair) , shave the genital region for the same reason(oral sex isn’t the time to be flossing). I occasionally shave my forearm because that’s where my tattoo is and it looks a bit better when there isn’t a bunch of hair coming through it :P

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@El_Cadejo You only shave your right forearm? lol

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@Coloma The underside of the forearm. Not that much hair grows there anyway, but a bit. It’s not like one arm is bare the other isn’t. Realize I was a bit vague there.

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OMG. I just realized that there is hair on the underside of my forearm!

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@ibstubro yea, for me, it’s mostly blonde hair, but in that “transitional area” from top side to underside, there are some dark hairs that I tend to shave. Having a white ink tattoo and dark black hair coming though looks a bit odd.

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I shave my Legs and armpits. For eyebrows I normally get it plucked and I wax my arms. I just keep the actual area trimmed. I don’t like hairy legs or arms and leaving hair under arms is just gross to me.

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I shave my legs when I feel like it, which isn’t super often. Every couple of weeks, maybe every week and a half in the summer. I shave when it is noticeable enough to make me self conscious.

I shave under my arms daily, because when I don’t I feel like I have baby chicks under my arms.

Genitalia, I keep trimmed. I don’t like the implication that women should shave down there, because it’s infantalizing.

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@rory “Genitalia, I keep trimmed. I don’t like the implication that women should shave down there, because it’s infantalizing.”

I never really could get behind that argument. I prefer a woman shaved (and I shave myself) not because I think it makes one look younger or anything like that, but rather I just find body hair to be a huge turn off.

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I think that very few people prefer the shaved look because they’re secretly perverts that want their women to look like little girls. I could never imagine performing oral on a woman at all but, if I were to do it, I’d prefer no hair, and it has nothing to do with looking like a child.

I keep my genitalia shaved because I think hair there looks gross, but I don’t think all women should feel pressured to shave. My husband used to prefer it shaved, but now says he doesn’t care either way. I care, though. Plus, hair seems to irritate the area for me.

It’s a huge turn-off to me when a guy is completely shaved, though. Trimmed, yes, and I require shaved balls if he wants them in my mouth, but I think it’s much more aesthetically pleasing to keep the patch of hair on top. It just looks weird without it. I’m also turned off by any guy that shaves his legs, arms, or armpits unless he has to for some type of fitness competition or something. I don’t mind chest and belly hair as long as it’s not excessive, but back hair has got to go. I also prefer facial hair to a shaved face, which is why my husband switched from razor to trimmer years ago. I’d hate if the guy I was with was smoother than me. Some body hair is good – it’s sexy and masculine.

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I require shaved balls if he wants them in my mouth

@livelaughlove21: Fluther quote of the day.

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@cookieman I only speak the truth.

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I think the preference for shaved women was born out of porn. Not saying it’s bad or anything but I’ve noticed that older men (yes I’ve dated much older) don’t mind or prefer hair down there while guys my age and those who came of age when Internet porn was around prefer shaved. I think that’s because they were exposed to shaved women early and that’s what they come to expect.

I don’t shave down there because doing so makes me feel prepubescent. I distinctly remember how it felt to be bare down there when I was younger. Like the sensation of putting on underwear without hair. Shaving makes me remember that. I can’t do it.

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@seekingwolf “Born from porn.” I agree.

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@livelaughlove21 Heck, until recently, even Maury Povich didn’t know what “manscaping” was! I just put that mellow FYI out there for @ibstubro and any others who may not have known about it.

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@kritiper Is Maury known for being hip to all popular lingo or something? Haha. Even Maury Povich, of all people! :)

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I shave my entire face and keep my hair short because I am a business man in a majorly Republican state and if you want to be successful in this state, you’d better look like a Republican!

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@livelaughlove21 Have you ever seen his show? If he isn’t hip, he’s brain dead!

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@kritiper I watched his show back in the 90s. I’m at work when talk shows come on TV these days. Never thought of him as much of a hip dude, though.

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@kritiper When my husband was going on his first interview in TN with a bank of all places he asked if he should cut his hair. It was long and wavy, and he wore it kind of slicked back away from his face. They said dont bother to cut it. The bank was very Republican, as was most of the surrounding area. Memphis proper itself is quite blue, because of the black population, but the surrounding country and the people at the executive level would have been Republicans for the most part. He got hired and had that hair style for many years with them. He did eventually cut his hair for a few years, then grew it back again. You never know, but I do think it is safer to go with conformity.

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“Maury Povich”

I’ve never watched any of his shows, but I was a huge fan of his father, the late Shirley Povich. Mr. Povich was the most brilliant sportswriter ever. Actually, he was a brilliant journalist and author who happened to write about sports.

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Usually the only thing I shave is my throat/neck area under the beard although yesterday I ended up shaving my beard into a goatee & mustache because of an unfortunate hair clipper faux pas while trimming the beard. I have been known to trim the pubic hair on occasion but since my wife prefers the wild firecrotch look I don’t do it very often; only when the mood strikes.

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During the warmer months I shave my face and neck, but I have a perennial mustache.

During the cooler months, I shave my infraorbital triangles, upper chin, and lower lip. I.e., I have an iron-jaw beard connected to a Fu Manchu mustache.

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Wow. That’s a lot of precise shaving, @Brian1946. Daily?

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I shave my underarms daily, because I hate the feeling of stubble. It makes me feel unhygienic. I shave my legs every three or four days, and I shave my bikini area only when I’m going to be in a bathing suit or when I know I’m going to have company down there! lol

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I shave my legs every day. Paul loves the feel of silky, smooth legs. If just 60 seconds of effort can make a man so happy, I’m on board with that.

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I do not shave my pubic region, nor do I have to trim it (it’s not that long). I don’t want to feel like a prepubescent girl again. Ick.
That certainly births and interesting question, but someone else would have to ask, as much as intimate info is given here, some cannot ask anything eliciting these types of responses
I do not shave much of anything, but, who cares of that, bygones…..

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I don’t.

Oh, sometimes (3 4 times a year) I shave my neck and cheeks just to neaten up the beard.

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