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Can you suggest a car for a taller person on a budget less then $300/month?

Asked by talljasperman (21910points) August 10th, 2014
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It doesn’t have to be new.

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My 6’7” friend has been driving Honda Civics for the past 10 years and seems to fit great.

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Once you include gas and insurance, your budget will shrink considerably.

That said, certain cars change so much from model to model, or even from year to year within the same model line that it’s difficult to recommend one as it may not be true if you just go for a different year of the same model.

I can say that my 7’0” friend has only ever been able to comfortably fit into one vehicle I’ve ever owned; my old Aerostar.

@hominid At 6’0”, I found the early-‘90s Civics sedans cramped, though the Civic Wagon was a good fit. Not sure about the newer ones….

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Used pick-up truck.

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A used civic, sentra or corolla. Any car will seem cramped to you. You really want affordability, economy and reliability.

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You’re not giving us enough information. What are your other needs? Do you need to haul cargo or passengers? Do you need to routinely travel long distances? How many miles do you expect to cover in a week? What’s your parking situation?

You can buy a full-size van pretty cheaply. The ones I’ve had afforded me about 8 or 10 inches of headroom, and I’m 6’2”. If that’s not enough, you could buy a step-van which ought to fit anyone under 8 feet tall or so. If even that isn’t enough, you could get a double-decker bus and remove the middle floor- but that might exceed $300 per month.

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@jerv: ”@hominid At 6’0”, I found the early-‘90s Civics sedans cramped, though the Civic Wagon was a good fit. Not sure about the newer ones….”

I think they did improve the interior space (maybe 2003–2004 or so). My friend was a bit cramped driving my 1999 Honda Civic, but has owned at least 2 newer model Civics and swears they are comfortable now.

I’m 6’1” and find Civic Sedans to always be very spacious. But @talljasperman is apparently tall (not sure how), so he may not be do as well. Who knows. He’ll have to sit in them, I suppose.

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My Pastor is 6’6” and he drives a Chevrolet Malibu. Says he tried other cars and would need to lower the floor to fit properly in them. Now, back seat passengers space will surely suffer behind the driver. I also spoke with a very large Highway patrolman who was very satisfied with the Charger he was assigned to, but I peeked in and there was only about 4” between the driver seat and the back seat.

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