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What should I call my blog?

Asked by Taz0007 (145points) August 12th, 2014
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So I know it should be short, catchy and related to my blog content. But I’m struggling to think of anything clever and snappy.

My blog will be mostly about many areas of science and simplifying common errors in judgement that I hear (often due to the media). And other posts surrounding healthcare.

I really like what the guys from The Infinite Monkey Cage (BBC Radio4) have done. Although mathematical, and not strictly scientific, they have taken an interesting idea (Infinite Monkey Theorem- which has a catchy name) and used it as the name for their science radio show.

I have so far only thought of things maybe connected to mRNA translation, as I will be translating the idea to a simple one. Something to do with ribosomes….I’m totally stuck guys!

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The Helix

Organelle Grinder

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How about The Transfusion Blog. I understand you’ll be translating complex concepts and “fusing” them with simple language, and making them less con*fusing*. haha

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@zenvelo I love Organelle Grinder – it’s all about reaching out to the general public. Whether they like what they hear or not :) I could create quite a nice little picture with that image.

@2davidc8 I like what you’ve done but my first post looks like it will be about blood donation and transfusion so don’t want to be giving the idea it’s all about blood. But awesome contribution!

Genetics is my number one so maybe a development on the Helical theme…

Thanks Guys!!

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I, too, love Organelle Grinder. Like chewing up complex, hard-to-grasp concepts into more digestible pieces!
GA, @zenvelo.

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Scientology blog of science and new news….

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