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Suggestions on how to achieve a pumpkin tres leches cake?

Asked by poofandmook (17315points) September 16th, 2014
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I want to make a pumpkin tres leches cake… but I don’t want the cake itself to be pumpkin. I thought maybe if I made a pumpkin pie-like mixture (without egg of course) instead of just using the standard milk mixture it would achieve what I’m thinking. But I’ve had some seemingly fantastic culinary ideas that were huge disappointments. I wondered if some of the kitchen magicians here on Fluther could tell me if this would do what my imagination says it’ll do, or if I would actually be better off making the cake a pumpkin sponge cake and using the standard milk mixture.

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I think a runny pumpkin pie-like mixture may turn some people off. They might think it was under baked and disgusting. They would not understand and it would need explaining.

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My opinion. No pumpkin in the cake, it will be a spice only cake. And how are you going to include the pumpkin is problematic.
The pumpkin would be too thick to be absorbed into the cake, even if you put it all in a blender and then you have pumpkin flavored whipped cream.

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How about using a pumpkin pie flavored syrup (like the kind used for shaved ice or coffee drinks).

All three of the most popular companies making syrups have a pumpkin pie flavor available and some even offer a sugar free variety in addition to one with cane sugar. These are generally clear syrups, not thick like pumpkin purée would be. And their flavors are quite pronounced.

The three companies are Torani, DaVinci, and Monin. They’re all available online and some can even be found in local grocery stores. (or possibly the local Starbucks or other coffee place might sell you a bottle. They’re usually about $6–9 for a pretty decent sized bottle.)

I get my Hazelnut flavor syrup from Caribou Coffee because I really like the way it tastes and I add it to the coffee I make at home. Saves me a ton of money.

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