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Does anyone know who did/does the graphics for both The Murdoch Mysteries and Sherlock?

Asked by Kardamom (32835points) September 20th, 2014
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I noticed that in the title sequence for the Murdoch Mysteries, which you can see Here, with the letters streaming by and then turning into words, is very similar to the graphics used on Sherlock, when he is thinking, or deducing something, or reading something on a phone, which you can see Here.

Does anyone know who did the graphics for those sequences on either show, and if they might be the same person. Did some Googling, didn’t come up with anything.

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Both links are the same thing.

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Shite. Is this the correct link for Sherlock?

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They are pretty standard. There is Numb3rs which pretty much does the same thing but was out in 2005. I wouldn’t think of it as copying but more of just common sense.

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