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What is a cool gift that is inappropriate?

Asked by talljasperman (21913points) October 19th, 2014
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Like a crowbar for a tween? Or a new car for a teen? Or you can buy an ex 5 cakes of the month memberships and watch them get fat.

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Sex toy for the opposite sex.

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A box of chocolates for someone who is diabetic.

@LuckyGuy I’m not so sure about your answer. I can think of several examples where that type of gift would be appropriate. :)

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Deodorant or mouthwash.

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An intelligent robot dog for a technophobe person.

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A Renoir, for a non – sighted person.
Lingerie for your best friend’s wife, or mother.
A winged mammal for someone who has had a rabies series.

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Vibrator for your mum
Condoms for your grandma
Subscription to black gay porn channels for the westboro baptist loonies.

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A box cutter for a depressed person.
Mein Kampf Das Kapital for a conservative.
A little boy doll for a priest.

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A set of cristel dragons for a epaleptic

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Bottle of wine for a recovering alcoholic?

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A picture of yourself with your ex for there wedding present.

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Ouch, you guys are rough.

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