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When is the best time of year to visit Florida?

Asked by Hamsterro (1points) July 14th, 2007
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They say, the snow birds go south for the winter. Meaning, those who live in the northeast often go to FL during the winter months for it is considerable warm compared to where they came from.

As for my person experience, I have travelled to FL three times for xmas and each time it was colder the Northern Califoria, from which I came.

Therefore I would never fly across the country to visit a supposed warm winter state again.

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I believe that the Fall months of mid to late October through November is the best time to go. The weather is cooler (mid to lower 80's) and not as many thunderstorms.

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I live in Florida. The best time is either April-May or September-November. High's usually in the low 80's & low's in the low 60's during the night. Hope that helps.

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i would say summer for all the girls on the beach. and plus im going on a cruise there soon.. =)

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end of August it less crowded and cheapest

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