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What do you know about getting high using Benedryl and water extraction?

Asked by Aster (20021points) October 25th, 2014
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I think this is something many adults don’t know about, You get a lot of Benedryl and somehow isolate some ingredient in Benedryl and get high on it. Have you heard of water extraction?

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It’s worth a try. Tell us how it goes.

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If you want to get high on a OTC just take something with dextromethorphan. Much easier than trying to extract some ingredient from something.

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Benadryl by it self is enough for me.

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I don’t get high, have zero interest in getting high, love my sense of balance and brainpower. This wasn’t about me. I was wondering if anybody on here ever heard of doing it using Benedryl or has anyone even heard of water extraction?

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Consider a Benedryl pill.

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I have heard about water extraction but not with Benadryl.

As a matter of fact, it was several years ago and it was as a part of the discussion here on Fluther that I first heard of water extraction. So, I then did some further research on it.

Apparently people who abuse oxycodone or hydrocodone (Vicodin, for example) use this as a way to filter out the enormous amounts of Tylenol (acetominiphen) contained in each tablet.

Tylenol in high amounts is toxic to the liver and if someone repeatedly takes significantly more pills than are normally prescribed in a 24 hr. period, eventually they’ll be needing a liver transplant.

So, apparently the smarter druggies use water extraction to enable them getting high without endangering their liver.

I’ve never tried it. I just found it kind of interesting.

But since you’re asking about Benadryl, I’m trying to figure out how water extraction could possibly be of any use since Benadryl (unlike Vicodin) is a SINGLE ingredient formulation. What on earth would the water extraction supposedly be separating out?
That’s not making any sense to me at all.

And afaik, Benadryl doesn’t get somebody high. It just makes them slightly drowsy. That wouldn’t be my definition of “high”.

And because it’s an antihistamine, it’s primary effect is drying out your nasal passages and mucous membranes.

If you take significantly higher doses than normal of Benadryl the sheer discomfort from the dry mouth alone would make the whole endeavor of “getting high” really not worth the trouble. How could someone possibility enjoy any supposed “high” when you have to gulp down enormous amounts of fluids just to keep your tongue from sticking to the roof of your mouth ? And then you’re spending all that bathroom time constantly peeing out all that fluid; how exactly is that considered a fun time?

I think someone is pulling your leg about getting high from Benadryl.

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@Buttonstc Apparently taking a lot of it can get you “high.” I just read that taking way too much can easily kill you though. I can’t imagine that it could possibly be enjoyable in any way, just a half dose puts me out like a light and makes me a tad spacey the next day. It’s got more uses than an antihistamine. It’s a “safe” sleep aid, some people get relief from anxiety and panic by simply taking one and a doc told my sister in law to take one for migraines.

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I myself use Benadryl for two reasons. The first is ongoing sinus and allergy problems.

Secondly, I take it at night because the slight (very slight) drowsiness helps with sleep.

But I remember several years ago when I took a second dose unintentionally (I really just forgot that I had taken it several hours prior) and the cotton mouth discomfort which resulted had me drinking tons of water to try to alleviate it.

Definitely not an enjoyable experience and I’m sure I won’t ever be making that mistake again :)

But I’m still puzzled by what anyone would hope to accomplish using water extraction on a SINGLE ingredient formulation ? ?

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@Buttonstc Perhaps I was mistaken and have only heard of extracting water from Vicodin. Thanks for your great answers!

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If you’re still interested, I managed to find the Q on Fluther where I first encountered the whole idea of COLD water extraction (and it actually should be water below 40 degrees so it needs to be in the fridge for a day or so) ETPro explained the science behind it and how to get more info.

So the original Q (asked by ETPro) was from way back in 2010:

“Anybody know how Rush Limbaugh avoided Acetaminophen OD…”

Just pop it into Fluther Search and it should come right up.

(so nice to know my memory is still decent after all these years)

Happy reading !


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