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Should I be worried?

Asked by vatofjelly (173points) October 25th, 2014
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I met this really nice guy online, and we started talking a month ago. We would talk on the phone for 3 hours, and text each other every day. He’s 2 hours away, and we were supposed to meet weeks ago- I canceled cause it seemed so sudden. Last weekend he had a family emergency, and we couldn’t get together. This weekend I haven’t heard anything from him since late yesterday. Do you think he just gave up on me? Or just isn’t interested?

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He might be wondering why he hasn’t heard from you.

The only way to know is to make contact. Asking random people on the internet that don’t know him or you will get you nothing.

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@futurememory I did text him twice, and I called. I got nothing from him.

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It sounds like neither of you is putting enough effort in to make something happen. If you are both so unsure, perhaps it’s for the best.

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@dappled leaves I am sure about wanting to meet him. Things happen…

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Take it slow, you’ve already texted him, give him time to respond. If he had a family emergency it should be his first priority now. If he does respond later and you choose to meet him be safe, choose a public place, have a friend with you, or nearby. You never know if someone you meet on the internet really is who they portray themselves to be.

Don’t doubt yourself, follow your gut when it comes to your safety. As for this delay in him responding – give him some time to deal with his family emergency. Good luck

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Don’t be hurry and make assumptions go slow. And its just one month you have started talking don’t be involved so much or worried about things so much before you know him completely.
You have text him that’s it now its his duty to reply if he reply then you can ask him why he was not replying you like before and if he don’t reply you can get him check as he lives only 2 hrs distance from your if you want.

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