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What should be my apparel?

Asked by Bayjo98241 (312points) November 7th, 2014
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My church has a Journey to Bethlehem play going on in December. I live in Michigan where it is quite chilly. I have to wear white, because I am an angel. My boyfriend is a Shepard,and we are going out to dinner prior to and I want to look nice, but I have to be in all white and dressed for 0°F temperatures with layers. And I do not have a place/time to change. And I also have to come up with a hairdo, I have shoulder length unmanageable hair.What should I wear to get the elegant yet cozy look? And how should I do my hair that’s easy?

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Wear a scarf to keep you warm. You could pull your hair back and leave tendrills hanging down in the front. I think that is always an elegant look.
Is there a certain dress you have to wear or does the play already have the dress picked out for you?

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I think a long sleeve in a knit would be good. Here’s one idea.

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@marinelife – Oh I like the choice!
I can’t find the exact hairdo I was thinking of, but this is similar.
All you have to do is put a turn or two around a curling iron, and pin in place, then carefully remove the curling iron.That is the easiest was for me, anyway. That way you have your length, a smooth look in the front for dinner, easily done.

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OK OK! before you say that this is a wedding dress and too expensive, I know, but it’s an idea for you, plus, the thought that counts?

But this is quite nice for what you are looking for

In my opinion, this is gorgeous too

Finally this

Hope I was helpful

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@IheartMypuppy She’s to be an angel in a church event.

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I don’t want to wear something more on the pricey side, it will be snowing and most likely be ruined, I’m kind of tall about 5’9” so it kind of effects what I can/cannot wear and they do not have something picked out we just have to wear white.

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@IheartMypuppy it’s a nice dress but far too formal, I want elegant, not I’m walking down the isle, plus I would freeze

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Sorry, just trying to help HAHAHA, it would be helpful though for some more info

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And sorry, my second link is a dud, i’ll try find it and fix that up (in another answer)

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this is the dud link, it should work now (here)

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I wasn’t trying to be mean and what more info is needed I thought it was clear

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Sorry, I must of come across a bit wonky, I mean that the fact you were tall would have been helpful. And I also hope that I didn’t affend you…. I never meant it to seem that you were being mean…. :)
I hope you have luck with your dress finding…. I am trying to help as much as possible.

(But I don’t live in and have never been to America, so I am not so good with the winter apparel choices, very, very, very sorry)

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Just about anything in pure white should work, even a white turtle neck and a white skirt. If it is not warm enough long underwear underneath it all would work beautifully. Here’s a white skirt for $8:

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this is a nice shirt, but you may get a little cold, but the idea it what I’m going for here, you can wear a nice white skirt with it

and here is a cute ensemble, they are two separate pieces, to form a dress, you could just use the skirt, and it’s cheap enough, but just an Idea

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This is also cute, and it’s 65% off for another 2 days

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AND you could always go stuff it, my angel will be this

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@snowberry, it didn’t work for me so this is the link you provided, I hope it works for some people, if yours didn’t for them

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THIS looks like what you’re looking for, it looks warm, it is long and has long sleeves, oh and it’s white, and cheap

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