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What's your fruitrank?

Asked by sferik (6121points) July 10th, 2008
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Mine is raspberry > kiwi > mango > blueberry > apple from upstate NY > peach > grapefruit > grape > strawberry > banana > cranberry > pear > cantaloupe > orange > honeydew

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raspberries > strawberries > unripe bananas > clementines > ollaliberries > french peaches > grapes > mango > crisp, crisp apples > watermelon > blueberries

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avacado-tomato-olive-caper berry-pickle-lime-lemon-pear-watermelon-grape

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Oooh, this is going to be difficult:

pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe, pears, grapes, cherries, golden delicious apples, not soft bananas, watermelon

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pineapple (maui gold)>mango>berries (love ‘m all)>watermelon>plums>pears

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Can we all agree that honeydew is at the bottom of the barrel? It’s always the last to go in the fruit salad and for good reason!

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Honeydew is better than cantaloupe, and easier to spell.

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@tinafaery AMEN!

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A good honeydew with lime is pretty tasty.

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What’s wrong with you people!?!

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We know good fruit…Orange is at the bottom for me; they’re always hit and miss, and I like my fruit to be dependable.

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I agree, orange is undesirable. A small step up from honeydew.

The juice, however, is delicious.

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is ranking fruits… but first he is going to eat a piece of every fruit he and @alexchoi can find at whole foods tomorrow and rank them and all the others he can remember but not find in season on an index of smell, flavor, overall experience, and practicality.

you’re welcome to join us, oh wait you’re all hollywood these days.

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Why do I have negative 5 stars? Is this something new?

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@tinyfaery I think sferik has the power.

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Abuse of power on my part. Don’t worry, you didn’t actually lose points. I just can’t believe you’d defend honeydew!

I’m starting to think I should give the green mellon another shot.

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Ahh come on!! I’m right about the spelling thing.

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Chicken > Steak > Hamburger > Fish > Hot Dogs

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I don’t like Bananas! They make me sick.

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Ok @thehaight, but which is it. Honeydew or Cantaloupe. If you had to eat one every day next week which would you buy?

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Cantaloupe! For sure.
I don’t like honeydew. Ick. ;)

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I love em both, but I think cantaloupe are less dependable. 1 out of 5 makes you wish you ate the rind in stead.

@astrochuck if I could give you great answer twice I would

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Yay! 1000 all for me?

@yetanother: cantaloupe less dependable? Hmm..

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Most fruits are not so dependable these days. Its so hard to find a good, yummy strawberry.

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@sferik is so lame.

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I think pineapple has the lead.

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you’re just jealous yetanother! :D

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I want 100000000000000000000000 points

(erik why doesn’t this auto comma long numbers for me automatically, so lame.)

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@tinyfaery I concede nothing to honeydew. Cantaloup(e) can be spelled with or with out the “e”. It’s so flexible!

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pineapple grapes orange cantalope peaches cherry bananas strawberry apple honeydew kiwi papaya mango blueberry pear raspberry

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grape > strawberry > kiwi > pear > mango > banana > apple > raspberry > peach > orange > tangerine > grapefruit > vomits at: honeydew > vomits at: cranberry

FYI, I’m mildly allergic to most apples. My lips swell up a little. I love them though.

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Can TheHaight be punished?

Grapes > Cantaloupe

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@richardhenry But where do stand on cataloupe?

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It doesn’t matter where. People just need to stand on Cantaloupe. It is foul.

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Note that I am not a big fan of the cantaloupe. It is not one of the better fruits. But it is head-and-shoulders above honeydew.

I think I see fruit flies starting to gather just from talking about honeydew. Never mind, that’s just my proximity to the Zivity office.

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@yetanother Fruit! I won’t be in hollywood.

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grapefruit > vomits at: cantaloupe > vomits at: honeydew > vomits at: cranberry

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FYI, I just gave yetanother a great answer just to see what happened. Fortunately, Fluther (the universe?) didn’t implode and we’re all okay.

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I think this question would be better phrased if it were considering fresh, prime, perfectly ripened fruit. Totally different than say, tomatoes in Maine in late October (uck). Once a fruit has been chilled before fully allowed to ripen, it’s a total loss for me. But then I’ve had the advantage of living my life where great fruits are grown, California and Hawaii. There is nothing to compare to pineapple in Hawaii, or honeydew (yes, honeydew) right out of the field. The problem with most honeydew is that it isn’t fully ready and people don’t know where to stop cutting it and you get the absolutely tasteless part next to the rind.

Strawberries should have no white on them, inside or out. Another problem is that stores pre-select the fruit for you and so you are forced to buy a basket of green, white and moldy strawberries, all in the same lot. You used to be able to pick them out one by one. I won’t buy cherries unless I can pick them out individually, only my local fruit stand lets me do that.

Top of my list is papaya with lime, fresh from the tree in the tropics. I’ll have to think about the rest.

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Assuming perfect ripeness and for eating fresh (not cooking or juicing):

mango>pineapple>watermelon>cherries(Mt Ranier)>apple>raspberry>peach>banana>stawberries

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@RichardHenry: The same thing happens to me when I eat apples. I think it is the pesticides that have remained on the skin. When I wash my apples with soap and water the reaction is not quite as bad. You could also try peeling the skin.

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Miracle fruit > Radishes > Brussel Sprouts > Tabasco > Pickles > Vinegar > Goat cheese > Oysters

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The bright cherry/raspberry of Pinot Noir> the juicy watermelon/strawberry of a Provencal rose> the tart grapefruit of new world Sauvignon Blanc> the tropical pineapple of a Verdejo from Rueda> the lemon zest of a Vernaccia.

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avocado (my favorite), “buko” young coconut, papaya—i love these 3 with milk and sugar!
pineapple, pomelo, ponkan oranges, papaya with local “kalamansi”—for my fiber needs!

ripe mango—my 3rd favorite after avocado and “buko”!

i am not fun with fruits, that after eating its pulp, you have to spill out its seeds..

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Fruits I love, but rarely eat: dates, guava, mango, pineapple, grapefruit (Texas red is best).

Fruits I eat routinely (and still love): avocados, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, oranges (Florida navels, never California), local strawberries (Florida, again), red or black seedless grapes, green seedless grapes, cherries.

As far as I am concerned, the entire melon family including its veggie cousin the cuke can all fall off the planet or rot on the vine. Yuck! I cannot even stand the smell. My family thinks I must have been a genetic aberration for this viewpoint.

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Red Haven peaches>Cox Orange Pippin apples>Gariguette strawberries>Rainier cherries>Texas Ruby Red grapefruit>raspberries>wild blueberries>quince>Comice pears>medlars>clementines>oranges> skipping dozens and going down to the bottom of the list apricots>papaya>watermelon>redcurrants>pomegranate>cranberries>persimmons>honeydew>and the nastiest fruit ever: DURIAN

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Anyone ever try ugli fruit?

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Harp: Eww, I was forced to try a durian in Thailand. Why does it smell so bad? Ugh.

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I’ve had ugli fruit on several occasions. I’m indifferent to it.

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@spendy Hi, haven’t seen you in the Qs in a while! Welcome back.

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Pineapple is still in the lead. Mmm!!!

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@Marina…thanks! Been a little busy, but I’m still here. ;)

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@tf Warm from the sun in Hawaii, so juicy it runs down your chin.

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mangos from my Mom’s tree > tomatoes > avocados > cantaloupe > bing cherries > strawberries > blackberries > raisins > dried peaches > pineapple > mandarin oranges > clementines > kiwi > fresh peaches > granny smith apples > navel oranges > unspotted just ripe with still a bit of green bananas

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The rest I can’t stand. And strawberry rank increases when it is in dessert (ex: strawberry cheesecake etc)

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…so i’m guessing a “fruitrank” is a list of your favorite fruits in order?

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It’s a neologism for the ranking of your fruit preferences.

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I like honeydew – orange flesh honeydew!

It’s really good with a Rhone wine reduction with sugar & thyme. I get it in San Francisco at the Mexican fruit stalls or at BiRite.

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@PnL: Strawberry is basically at the bottom? The hell is wrong with you?

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@sferik Thanks for teaching me a new word: neologism.

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@ Rich – I mentioned strawberry rank increasing when in dessert (or with chocolate fondue), and i only mentioned the fruits that i can eat, the others i don’t eat at all. Pfft :P

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OK, so I’ve done a lot of testing, eaten a lot of fruit, and this is what I’ve come up with:

beer > bacon > fruit

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just thinking about beer, bacon and fruit in the same rank makes me gag! :)

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kiwi> blueberry> orange (clementines etc.)> tomato> pumpkin> rasperry>blackberry> Pear> Apple> mango> etc. OOH this is too hard!

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