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What is the weight limit for a WII Fit?

Asked by talljasperman (21910points) November 9th, 2014
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How much weight can the stepping step handle for WII Fit.

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The balance board has a weight limit of 330 lbs.

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@livelaughlove21 Excellent I am 250 – 270 lbs. Maybe I should save up and buy a WII and a WII Fit.

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You could if you think you’ll use it. I’ve got one and nobody ever uses it.

If the weather permits, you might be better just going for a walk though. It’s cheaper and an effective way to get exercise and you’re out in the fresh air and seeing the world. All you need are walking shoes and socks. You can even go for a walk when it rains and get the added benefit of jumping in puddles.

I’ve just read your other question about alternatives to walking outside and why you don’t want to do that. I’ll answer that there.

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This sounds like a great idea.

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