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What is the most important quality to a good friendship?

Asked by noraasnave (3094points) July 10th, 2008
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We all have friendships, one could almost surmise that we are the sum of our relationships. So what works in your friendship?

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Quality not Quantity.

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Not having to explain who/what/when/where/why/how.

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Trust, always having your back and such

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@tinyfaery: I can definitely see why not having to explain would be a quality of a good friendship. Perhaps wanting to explain would also be a good quality. Seeking to understand and be understood.

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Yes. But only if I want to. This is where that unconditional acceptance from the other topic you know which one I mean comes into play for me.

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@tinyfaery: YAY! tinyfaery agrees with me! Woot! well….kinda.

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Trust has so many facets!! I like trust, but whether I like it or not, I can see that it is a essential element in a friendship.

Thank you for the answers so far!!

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Being steadfast, loyal and true to your friendship even through hard times and disagreements. Boyfriends and spouses may come and go. A good true friend will always be there to celebrate your joys and lift you up during your sadnesses.

The way your friends treat you during your lowest lows will show you what kind of friend they truly are.

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being loyal.
no matter the situation.
or the other friends available to your other.
one that sticks by you no matter what.
one who won’t replace you and always thinks you’re the best thing to come to the planet.
they make you feel great for who you are and would never want to see you change.
because they love you for who you are.
that’s how a real friend should act/feel.

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To stay there after everybody else has run away, for bad or worse

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Accepting you, just as the stubborn-funny-crazy-cool-annoying jerk you are.

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being able to share not only the best, but even the worst in both of you.. and inspite of all that, there is no fear of rejection, descrimination, critisism..

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Unquestioning use of the couch, whenever necessary.

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I agree with tinyfaery. Unconditional acceptance distinguishes friends from acquaintances for me.

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A friend . . .
Laughs at your jokes and stories, even if they have heard them before.
Knows when you just want to be quiet together.
Knows when to give you a kick in the ass.
Never says I told you so.
Wants you to succeed in whatever you do.
Doesn’t date your exes.
Listens to you vent about the person you are dating, and then is nice to them when you double date.
Comes running when you need them.

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Someone who listens and knows when it is time to speak or time to hold you. Unconditional love, warmth, builds you up, supports you and is smart enough to know when it is time to say the truth and says it in a way that is loving. Helps you see a better vision of a solution to a problem or issue than you might be able to derive yourself. Really wants to spend time with you—and when you do, it is fun, relaxed, honest, open, trusting and HAPPY!

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no judgements. Always neutral.

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Half the pleasure of solitude comes from having with us some friend to whom we can say how sweet solitude is.
– William Jay

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@lindabrowne1: Wow! I have learned something new from you about friendship. Thank you for the insightful answer! I think being able to say the Truth in love is a challenging prospect but if one can master it there is no limit to where the friendship can go.

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Here is a recent one, for sure.

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That’s true seesul!

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i would say…loyalty…If you look in any good friendship that has the most smallest risk of having their friendship ended, they mostly likely have loyalty!!

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Being there. No matter what.

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One of my favourite quotes about friendship is that “a friend is there to bail you out of jail. a true friend is in the jail cell with you saying ‘that was awesome, let’s do it again!’”

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chromaBYTE , I like that one too.

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Unconditional love/friendship.

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Trust, trust, trust.

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