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Ladies, how do you normally put on your bra?

Asked by Erin_Alexander (25points) November 25th, 2014
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I am a woman, just to clear the air. I have just always been curious how other women put on their bras! I take mine, unclasped, turn it around so the clasps are in front, connect them. When connected, I turn it around with the cups facing outward, pull the straps over my shoulders thus making the bra functional. Is this different that anyone’s routine, or is this the normal way to do it? lol

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That’s how I do it too

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I would have that they were put on one boob at a time, like legs into pants.

But I am a man, what the hell do I know.

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I do it the way you described. I’ll ocasionally try to clasp it behind my back, but I’m often unsuccessful. I know a girl that clasps hers off of her body and pulls it on over her head like a t-shirt.

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Well I always take both ends then bring them to the front then hook it, unless however its the kind of bra that hooks in the front.

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~(NSFW) O.k. men now I want to know how to take one off?

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I slip my arms through the straps, put the cups on my boobs, and then clasp it together from behind. I’ve been doing it for so long that it only takes a few seconds.

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I fasten mine at the front, swizzle it around, then put my arms in the loops, pull it up and lean forward so my breasts fall into the cups.

I remember as a kid being told off by a teacher for putting my bra on wrong. Meh. What works for her is fine. What I do works for me.

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No personal experience but this looks about right

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@talljasperman Stick your hands under her shirt and lift the cups upwards. That’s my preferred method.

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I fasten it from the front. Works for me.

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I put my arms around the back and fasten it back there. After so many years of doing it this way, I’m a pro.

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I would never have guessed that so many people do the clasp before putting it on. I put it on, then fasten it from behind. Isn’t this one of those skills we’re supposed to confound the opposite sex with?

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Yeah @dappled_leaves like we need to be confounded any more than we already are.

Just as a matter of interest, how many wear a bra for the support it gives, how many because of social convention and how many just as nipple covers?

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It’s embarrassing to think back on the discovery of how much variety there is in those things. In my 20s, I was pretty much convinced that no 2 bras were ever the same. I can actually remember being distracted from the “main event” by a fascination with the engineering aspects of the things. The reactions from the owners were as variable as their equipment. I’ve been accused more than once of harboring some sort of sick fetish, but I still haven’t figured out how a woman goes about choosing the right one of those things. Are they like shoes? Is it style vs. function. And those things with the wire? The combat models? What’s the purpose of wearing one with no straps? Why not just dispense with it altogether, since the support function must certainly be lost. I certainly don’t envy you girls.

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I learned a trick the other day, after putting on your bra, bend over and shake the boobs into it. They fill the cup more evenly.

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@LornaLove I cannot picture that. Can you provide a video?

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@LornaLove Yeh, I learned that one awhile ago. But for me, it’s more like shoving them in. I need new bras badly.
As for @rojo ‘s question….I wear bras for all 3 reasons really. I am a 42 E, so yeh those are all important.

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@rojo All three. My breasts are pretty small, but running, jumping, going up and down stairs, etc. is still uncomfortable sans bra. Plus, Victoria’s Secret is wonderful and makes my boobs, while not saggy, much more aesthetically pleasing. If I were to go bra-less, I simply wouldn’t look as good. Same reason I sometimes wear heels to work.

Plus, I don’t know why so many women complain about bras being uncomfortable. I barely notice mine.

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All three reasons too @rojo. And I agree, @livelaughlove21. I’ve never found wearing a bra uncomfortable.

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@livelaughlove21 Get bigger breasts and you will understand why women complain about bras not being comfortable.

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@anniereborn I have larger breasts and I don’t find bras uncomfortable. I have read that 85% of women wear the wrong bra size. Perhaps that’s one reason women complain about their bras being uncomfortable. I can’t say I’ve ever had this problem.

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My boobs have really grown the past decade and the only type of bra I find comfortable is a sports bra. No clasps or under wires involved. I love it.

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@anniereborn I’ll work on that.

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My breasts are neither big nor small and I don’t find my bras to be uncomfortable at all. I prefer unlined bras, usually with underwires, and I don’t think about wearing them or feeling them all day. I agree that many women wear bras that don’t fit properly which is probably why they might find them uncomfortable.

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Or maybe some of us just don’t like how bras feel? Not liking a certain type of bra doesn’t have to mean we aren’t wearing the right size.

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@jonsblond, you might not be, but a range of research (I found a number of reports) said more than half of us are wearing the wrong size bra. The lowest figure I saw was 65%, with more around the 80–90% mark. How many women go and get measured professionally? I think someone here used to work in a department store in the lingerie department. I wonder how many women came in to be measured professionally? Certainly wearing a particular type of bra might not be comfortable, but if women are saying fairly broadly, bras are not comfortable, perhaps they’re wearing the wrong size.

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