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If a women used her own bone marrow to create a baby, how would that baby be affected?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45648points) December 2nd, 2014
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Yes, it’s possible.

But we all know interbreeding can lead to problems. Would this be a form of interbreeding? Still trying to wrap my brain around this.

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Possible? That article doesn’t exactly say that it’s possible.

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You’d probably end up with a weird clone of yourself.

The DNA from the “sperm” would unzip and match up with the egg, but we don’t know which from the bone marrow would match up. So it might exacerbate recessive gene issues, always a concern.

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Inbreeding “leads to problems” usually over a few generations. The risks of genetic abnormalities for one baby are probably not that huge.

Assuming this could work, it is not cloning – it’s still sexual reproduction, with all the genetic assortment that that implies. It’s just pulling from a smaller pool of genes. If the same woman did this twice, the offspring would not be identical.

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It’s an interesting concept, but I don’t think I would ever try anything like that. I have some nasty genes in my DNA. I expect it could produce some weird mutations too.

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Dr. Frankenstein would be so proud. I call it sick and bizarre.

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Hard to say for sure, but the risk of activating recessive genes is pretty high. As for the inbreeding issue, as @dappled_leaves points out, it’d take a few generations of that to become a real problem.

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Without the pollution from male genes, it would be a superior life form.
I can not wait until men are obsolete.

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You want strong healthy children. To accomplish that you need to tap into a large gene pool. Making flimsy copies of yourself will generate sick and weak children.

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