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Easy explanation or synonym for the following words:?

Asked by kiki__ (99points) December 7th, 2014
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hello please try to help me to find synonyms or easy explanations for the following words:

1) to venture out
2) to spur action against
3) to be displaced
4) an emerging talent
thank you in advance!

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1) explore
2) incite or urge
3) supplanted or removed
4) a rising star

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@2davidc8 thank you!

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Let us know what grade you get.

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1. embark
2. goad or provoke
3. disposed, dislodged
4. nascent

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1 Travel over

2 compulsion

3 removed

4 future star

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Depending on the assignment, I might only give partial credit for most of those answers. They’re possible synonyms in some situations, but none of them are full explanations.

To fully develop vocabulary, I recommend looking up unknown words in a good dictionary, and reading the full definitions, as well as any other interesting words you notice along the way.

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1. Reconnoitre
2. Trigger
3. Deranged
4. notable

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