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Do you have a tried and true Yorkshire Pudding recipe?

Asked by longgone (19135points) December 19th, 2014
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My job for the Christmas Dinner.

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200g plain flour
3 eggs
300ml milk
3 tbsp vegetable oil

That gets you around a dozen puddings, delicious.

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^ Thank you! You’re British, so you must know. Are they the puffy kind, or do they stay rather small?

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Well, it rather depends on your whisking skills, if you get that right they come out light & crispy.
An average sized pud with a decent volume to it.

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Many times. You need to have the fat hot before you put the batter in. They should puff up.

This is Delia Smith’s recipe. Delia is the queen of British cooking! You can’t go wrong following Delia’s instructions.

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Thanks, you two! :)

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What about pan drippings?

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That’s why I said ‘fat’ because if you’re cooking it to accompany a roast meal, you should have pan drippings and that would be the traditional fat you’d use.

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I need them to be vegetarian, though – no drippings involved.

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I feel I must point out that I can’t possibly take credit for my post, chef stumbled across these pages as I was momentarily called away.
While I feel his answer was helpful & well intentioned, his act of gross indiscipline will not go unpunished, I thank you.

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