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What kind of beanie is this and where can I get it?

Asked by robinpeterson (58points) December 26th, 2014
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These were originally designed for people who wear dreadlocks since their voluminous braids can’t fir under regular hats. But anyone can wear them obviously and they’ve become quite popular.

Here’s one site but if you search for Rasta Headwear, Rasta hats etc. you can come up with tons of places.
(just put headwear into the site search bar)

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I disagree with @boffin and @Buttonstc here… this is not a callback to rasta fashion, it’s what people are lately (in the US anyway) calling a slouchy beanie. In Canada, it’s called a slouchy toque.

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@dappled leaves That’s really interesting.

So, name and color choice aside, what wouid you say is the CONSISTENT chief design feature differentiating a slouchy beanie/toque from rasta headwear?

Granted, some rasta caps have a small visor in front but that’s not consistent for all since there are PLENTY without that little half brim.

Likewise, SOME rasta hats incorporate Jamaican colors but there are plenty in basic black also.

So if walking down the street, absent the seller’s terminology, how does one differentiate a slouchy from a rasta? (and does it really matter that much ?)

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@Buttonstc The rasta cap typically has a brim, and is designed to hold in long dreadlocks, so it cups around the hair in back. It’s a different design altogether; a slouchy beanie is not going to hold anyone’s hair in. It’s simply a normal beanie with a looser design.

In the links that both you and @boffin provided, these retailers are putting the colours generally associated with rasta culture on caps of different design. I wouldn’t take them too seriously (I mean, really – rasta flip flops? Jeez.).

And no, of course it doesn’t matter that much… except that it answers the OP’s question. A search for “rasta hats” is going to eliminate most of the hats that @robinpeterson is trying to find.

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Here are free patterns for knitting theml; easy to do even for beginning knitters.

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@gailcalled I thought it was a rare exclamation mark – a moment of enthusiasm for the knitting. :)

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And so it wasl.

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