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Does your dog enjoy playing in the snow?

Asked by jonsblond (43227points) January 2nd, 2015
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Our dogs are such babies when it comes to getting wet in the rain, they hate it, but they become ecstatic when it snows. They love catching snow balls and running in the snow. It’s adorable.

Do you have a dog that enjoys the snow? Does he/she hate it?

Now is the time to share cute snow dog pics if you have them.

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My dogs have never seen, and are never likely to see, snow. My dad’s dog loved the snow but like yours, refused to go out in the rain. Once there was a nice blanket of white stuff on the ground, he was very happy to romp around in it.

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Used to, she would catch snowballs & nudge the snow with her nose toward me hinting for another every time. I loved when she bounded through deep snow like a gazelle, so funny to watch.

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My dog has seen snow twice. The first time, she growled at it, then eventually just walked around and tried to eat it. The more recent time, she just wanted to stand in it and try to eat the snowflakes before they hit the ground.

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Frodo loved it. When he was at the kennel over the holidays, he was the only dog who wanted to play in the snow. They put a page of pictures of him on their Facebook page playing in the snow.

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My German Shepherd loves it. She loves lying in it to. My Spaniel, not so much.

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The Lab used to, when she was younger. She still loves to catch snowballs. The Maltese is ecstatic until there is too much snow clinging to her fur.

They both join us in our snow-wrestling!

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