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What are some ways I can remind Myself of my appointments.

Asked by pittfan20 (141points) January 3rd, 2015
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I have alot of DR’s appointments and Mental Health appointments every week.I need help figuring out some ways to help myself remember them.

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Write them on a calendar or in a planner. Each day, check it and see what you have to do that day.

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Hang this large calendar your kitchen or bedroom wall. Write down every appointment as you make it and check every morning after you wake up.

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We use the calendar on our smartphones, which are synced to our computers, so we get reminders. On the Apple Calendar, it allows you to set multiple reminders, so I can set one for the day before and one or two the day of the appointment to ensure that I leave in time.

Prior to this technology, I used a large wall calendar, as suggested above, and I would use different colored markers for different things, e.g. green for bills that are due, blue for doctor’s visits, red for school assignments, purple for birthdays, etc.

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If you use an online calendar, you can set reminders that will come up on your screen. You can get apps to give you reminders on your phone too (if you have an up-to-date enough phone).

Or you can use the old fashioned paper calendar. Either way, get into the habit of checking it each morning. I like using alerts on my computer/phone because sometimes I lose track of time when I’m very engrossed in a task.

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I like @Earthbound_Misfit‘s advice, as it’s pretty much what I already do. I have an Outlook calendar for my work appointments (and my mandatory Outlook account there), and a GMail calendar for personal events. I use GSynchIt to synchronize the two calendars (each merges into the other), and each one gives me the default notices that I have set up (half-hour warnings before work events, and two hours before personal events – unless I change the pre-event notice that I want for a particular event).

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I still use a simple daily planner – you can even buy them at the dollar store.

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I use a daily planner (I call it an “agenda” thanks to my 3rd grade teacher) as well. I keep it with me wherever I go and make sooo many different types of numbered lists.
These lists include things to do chronologically during the day, things I have to do for the next day, overall things I have to get done but without any set due date, things I want to get at the grocery store…it goes on and on. On the sidelines, I put appointments.
The key is to keep looking at it. It works great for a forgetful person like me.

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Thank u all for your helpful answers.i have gotten A planner that im going to start using.

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