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White shirt with dark blue pants?

Asked by robinpeterson (58points) January 12th, 2015
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Do they go together?

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Yes. A good rule of thumb is a white shirt goes with any color of pants.

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I’m pretty sure white shirts go with anything. On the other hand, there’s also finding a tie that matches, if you decide to wear one. I couldn’t help you with that, though.

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Male or female? Doesn’t really matter, they go just fine.

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Of course! White goes with any color.

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Yes! One of the “fashion” examples for me is Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate putting on a crisp white button down collared shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans. You can go anywhere in that, just ask Ralph Lauren.

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Absolutely. Very crisp look.

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Black shoes if you have them.

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They go but there’s a risk it will look like a uniform if you’re not carful.

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They go well

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Of course. Very nautical.

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